Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Funny can be nearly inert for ever so long and then you get whomped upside the head and things really get rolling. I've been stamping and cleaning and stamping and organizing and stitching and cleaning and stamping and stitching and well, quite a lot actually - what I HAVEN'T done in a great long while - post anything on this blog (can you be booted off for inactivity??? I'm sure there are throngs of people that are just waiting to use the ol' KaBobbing Cards name for a blog!!).

So now that I've made a dent in the great stacks of things that have been threatening to overtake the stamp room and front part of the house and have fed my need for organizing (I know, I know - it's a bit of a sickness....), I guess my next thing to do would be to take some photos of some of the newer card designs (some of which have actually SOLD OUT - wahooooo!!! - but I ALWAYS keep a master copy....or at least take a photo...) and actually POST them so that Betty will have something to look at (thanks Betty, you're so patient) and so that Heidi can dust off her sign-on info and actually USE it.

Thanks for hanging in there with me..........wishing you GREAT things for 2009!!