Thursday, May 21, 2009

Party Central

Now entering the Party Zone...
A big WELCOME from the Party Hosts!
Cardbase - Memory Box; Mushroom stamp - Hero Arts; 3 Gnomes - Just Johanna; Grass - A Muse; Sentiment - CTMH; Inks - Mementos & Color Box Chalks; Copics; Cardstock & brad - CTMH.
Chef Bo-Bo Head has a fondness for mushrooms.....can't stand to eat them (doesn't care to cook them either but he does because I will gobble them up like no body's business), but he likes them none-the-less. We've gotten him frightfully expensive little porcelain Disney mushroom figurines, little cheapie plastic toys; stickers; resin garden decorations; stuffed (as in a toy); t-shirts, magnets etc of mushrooms (I even have a hilarious cross-stitch pattern called 'ShroomHilda'...that I haven't quite gotten around to - but isn't that what Retirement is for???!!!!) because he really, Really, REALLY likes them. So hey, ANYTIME I find a decent (hmmmm - nope, don't really have a definition of "decent", it's actually more a feeling) mushroom stamp I'm absolutely compelled to obtain it for "the collection". Because (and noooooo, in no way do I feel the need to justify my purchases...) eventually, I have used EVERY single mushroom stamp for some sort of card for my Mushroom Fan.
This card was completely done (in my head) WAAAAAY before I set one foot into my stamp room. I was impatient to get it out of my head and onto cardstock.....whew, I feel better now!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Creepella's Trees

Cardbase & B&T - Memory Box; Stamp - Magenta; Ink - Memento; Washi Paper

Ok, ok, ok - trying REALLY hard NOT to sound like one of those irritating bragging moms...however - you'll just need to excuse me for an eensy weensy minute here.......Creepella made this card!! She was assigned to design 2 cards for Chef Bo-Bo Head's b-day week and this was one of them. The stamp is one she picked up at the local rubber stamp convention (she discovered the Magenta booth and her eyes nearly bugged out of her head) and this is the first time she used it. The card is simple and gorgeous and her dad loved it.

While she'll probably never be the stamping fanatic like me - it really is fun to get together and get crafty!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Hmmmmm - CAKE!

Party B&T - ??? (these were scraps); Sentiment - Cat's Pajamas; Inside Image (I know - it's just a peek) - Hero Arts; Inks - Memento; Cardstock - CTMH: Punches - Stampin' Up & Marvy; Stickles & Copics (on inside image); Scor-Pal for the cool Gatefold of the card.

Sorry I'm such a dork - I didn't take a photo of the card before I got it all mushy with writing (well, as mushy as you can get by asking someone to bake a cake in a card to them for THEIR b-day). But most people have seen a gate-fold card so you get the idea. The most exciting thing - the scraps of B&T paper were exactly the right width to fit the front gate panels - see, I just KNEW that saving all of those TONS of scraps would pay off one day - and HA, today is that day!!

One of the blogs that I read on a regular basis (she's MUCH more disciplined at doing some regular posting than I am.....hanging my head in shame here) doled out some sage advice: use your scraps & bits RIGHT NOW - whatever you've made that has left you with scraps that you have deemed worthy to save - USE THOSE SCRAPS NOW!! She's right - after all you've already got the inks, markers, cardstock, ribbon, do-dads (whatever) that you've decided to use with the B&T paper....might as well use it all now versus putting it away (eventually) only to turn around and have to drag it all out again. So that's my new use up the scraps right after making the cards - we'll see how feasible that is........don't want to pen myself in too tightly.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Such a GOOF!

Cardbase - Memory Box; Alphabet stamps & black cardstock - CTMH: sentiment border - Cat's Pajama's; Disney B&T Paper - ???; Ink - Memento.

I can't decide if it's Garwsh or Gawrsh - Creepella was no help and obviously I couldn't ask Chef Bo-Bo Garwsh it was.

Little to NO stamping involved in this card, and I do so enjoy the versatility of B&T paper...especially for a fast & easy card!! Chef Bo-Bo Head is a big GOOFY fan...I think it's close to idol-worship!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Cardbase - Memory Box; Recliner & sentiment - A Muse; T.V. & the 2 different "sparkles" - Cat's Pajamas; Balloons - Hero Arts; Memento Inks; Copics; Liquid Glass (CTMH); Silver Gel Pen (can't remember the brand....but most everyone has one!); Sponge.

Wowwwwzers - it's been nearly a year since I've started this blog. Of course it's been really hit & miss and if I were being graded the inconsistency of the posting would REALLY bring me down. However the content - well, I've really tried to keep the content pretty interesting for my loyal viewers (all three of you....!!). I know that my photography sucks (it's really the lighting.....still trying to sort it out). As with most things - there's always room for improvement!!

This week the "theme" is b-day cards for Chef Bo-Bo Head. Each card tells a little bit about my personal Chef Extraordinaire...mostly, he's a very good guy (but it's difficult to remember that when something he's done - or hasn't done - has put me in a peeved mood). It's fun making cards for him even though he's definitely not a "gusher" with compliments. He does however "get" the subtleties of the cards so that's always rewarding. For this card, a recliner & the T.V. need I say more?

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Memento Heaven

OOooooohhhhhh - look at all of the pretty, PRETTY colors!!

AAaaahhh..........and they're all MINE, MINE, MINE!!!
It's a scientific fact that even if you're viewed as an "adult", if you were raised as an Only are considered an "Adult Only Child" - and you operate on the same mind-set of being an Only Child (only now you can stay up as late as you want and watch ALL of the TV your eyeballs can handle). Technically, I have siblings (a half-sister & 3 half-brothers - although one died before I was born), but since I wasn't "raised" with them (i.e. didn't have to share), I consider myself an Only Child. When I first met my friend Lia, I was a mere 22 years old (and not nearly as mouthy as I am now!).....but I thought enough of her to give her this warning: "Look at me, I'm an Only Child - if you don't have any more children....YOUR child could turn out like ME!!" Well, Courtney is indeed an Only Child and every once in a while (apparently when Courtney was being VERY MUCH an Only Child), Lia would look at me and with a little half-smile, shake her head and say, "Yep, you warned me and I didn't listen to you...." she'd giggle (a desperate little sound) and just wander away. Hey - I really did try to tell her.......
What an intro - don't you think??? But OH HEY YOU GUYS - do you see them?? They're practically waving at you!! I've obtained (sounds better than purchased) the new Memento Markers (yes, all 24 colors - have I mentioned how pretty they are???). They work really well on my clear stamps and since Memento Inks are my first choice when using Copics, I'm absolutely thrilled at having the versatility of the markers. There's a lovely brush tip and a very precise bullet tip (sorry, I should have taken photos of each end - but I was simply too enthralled with posing them for these photos). I ALWAYS love having a marker that matches my inks EXACTLY just in case an emergency "touch-up" is required (and with me, it usually happens at the very last stage of making the card.....grrrrrr).
And before anyone makes any grumbling noises similar to that of Chef Bo-Bo Head......NOOOOOOO, these are NOT a replacement of my rather pricey (yikes!!) Copics........these are merely another MUCH-NEEDED tool in my stamping arsenal. Well, I don't think he really "gets it"......but he didn't have anything snarky to say (although he did blow back my bangs with a whopper of a sigh - powered by a massive eye-roll).
But oh, oh, oh......these markers make me so stinkin' happy, Happy, HAPPY.......................they are soooo cool and I'm still pleased as punch that I obtained them (lots of saving, abstinence from a certain favorite stamp store and passing on [with great amounts of teeth-gnashing] other MUCH-needed and oh-so important items have been involved.......but it's definitely worth it).
Today, Heidi and I (and possibly Creepella) will be skipping off to the Rubber Stamp Convention. We'll hang out for a couple of hours and then it's off to Chevy's for an oh-so tasty luncheon. We've pinkie-sworn to each to remain strong and true..........we'll be making EVERY attempt to steer clear of any rubber/wood stamps. Serious browsing is to be done in booths housing CLEAR stamps only - I want to make a bee-line to The Cat's Pajama's booth (hopefully they'll offer a show special) and then over to Printworks (they offered a show special last year). I've been hoarding my bits & bobs of cash for a couple of months now - all in anticipation of this show. If I run out of money - I'm done with the show.....period.....I'll just walk away (I may have tears in my eyes, but I'm resolute in my decision).
Mom's Day cards sales went surprisingly well this year (no matter how long we sell cards, I don't think we'll EVER be able to predict what the customers want!!). The MB Penguin in Curlers cards had everyone laughing. Next year I'll make some of the Child-Proof Home cards to sell - this year they were just for sending. Everyone loves Fluffles too. Other cards (that I didn't post) went pretty's all good!!
And once again - Happy Mom's Day to you!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mom's Day!!

Front of "Swing Card"

After the card has been "opened"
CS & ribbon - A Muse; Stamps - Hero Arts; Inks - Mementos; Copics & Spicas; mini ribbon flowers; Scallop edgers
Of course this card took me nearly THREE days to complete. Not really but it certainly felt like it!! I don't like getting bogged down with measurements and looking at diagrams and having to remember that the solid lines are to be cut and the dashed lines are for scoring and well, you get the picture right? Give me a glimpse at the finished product and let me have at it. Actually most of the time I don't WANT to glimpse a finished product because my two very different sides clash major big time. The Prissy Precise me wants to follow things to the absolute letter, the Blowing In the Wind me wants to toss up the colors and see how they land.......sigh.......hey, maybe that's why I'm so stinkin' tired all of the time!!
I MIGHT do this style card again (some day), but I would definitely use sturdier CS for the base. While I love the A Muse Kitchen CS - it's a bit too flimsy (IMO) to hold up to the wear & tear of this type of card.
To all of you, Happy Mother's Day!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


House & sentiment - There She Goes; Trees & walkway border - A Muse; Ink - Mementos; Copics; Spicas; Silver Gel Pen; Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colour Pencils; Sponge Dauber; Pinking Scissors; scrap textured green CS

Upon reflection, I realize my brilliant idea using the pinking scissors to create "grass" really just made the textured green CS look like a weirdly low fence. But hey, I can live with it becasue I'm so darned tickled with this stamp & sentiment (the full sentiment says "I child-proofed my home but they got in anyway - I just did some picking & omitting and split the sentiment to cover the outside & inside of the card). VERY impressed with these new stamps - some of them are really rather snarky.........just what I (and most importantly - my card customers) like!!

Lots of detailed coloring going on with this card....used silver Spicas for the chain links (if you click on the photo, it'll be so large your eyes will cross, however you'll also be able to see the detail). I used a finger-tip sponge dauber to create the subtle "clouds" in the sky. The trees have both Spica leaves and Koh-I-Noor pencil leaves. Oh and I used the A Muse borders clear set to create that walkway to the house (without the walkway, {go ahead, cover it with a Post-It note} the house looks like it's hovering over that wacky low green fencing). I selected that particular "looped" border because I thought it would be a good (and subtle) tie-in to the chains on the house. See.....I'm always thinking!!!

Oh and HELLLLO - cool stamps alert: Speaking of snarkiness and being slightly naughty - on Friday I picked up the new A Muse CLEAR set (thank you Linda!!) of fortune cookie sentiments (and yes, I did get the fortunie cookie wood stamp too - I was SOOO hoping the image would have been included in the clear set!!). Anyhow - that new clear set has some great sentiments.....and ooh in particular is slightly naughty - again, I think it's a HOOT and my customers are going to love, Love, LOVE the new cards!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fluffles Hug

B&T paper - CTMH; Fluffles stamp - Stampendous; small heart stamps & sentiment - Hero Arts; cloud stamp - Rubber Soul; Ink pads & markers - Mementos; Koh-I-Noor Woodless Colour Pencils

Another cool Fluffles stamp!! I saw this one at Michaels and had to pick it up - mainly because it's FLUFFLES - and because Creepella is a hugger - a MAJOR hugger. I don't know where she gets it (I'm thinking it's a generational thing...she and her friends are all huggers) - Chef Bo-Bo Head and I are definitely NOT huggers but we did (do) hug her a lot......hmmm, maybe she DID get it from us - yikes!!!

Anyhow what started out as a card for Creepella turned out to be a great Mom's Day cards for friends and family that have their own Fur-Babies. I made Fluffles an orange tabby in honor of Zinc Magoo (MY orange tabby). He's been gone for several years now - I still miss him.

The B&T paper is new CTMH stash.........the side I used is green but the other side is blue - it's really pretty cool. I think it's supposed to be a wood-grain pattern but you flip it over on it's side.....and instant rolling hills!!

Have I mentioned lately how very much I LOVE paper??

Monday, May 4, 2009

Be True

Tag inside the pocket

Tag out of the pocket!
CS, B&T, Stamps - CTMH; Inks - CTMH, Memento & Colorbox Chalks; Ribbon - A Muse; Brad - Making Memories; Corner Rounder Punch; Foam Mounting Tape
Here's a slight variation to a Mom's Day Card - on the Mom's Day Card the tag lists lots of stuff to do (dr's, dentist appts, practice, game, meeting, etc.) and on the front portion of the "pocket" I stamped "Frazzled??". Since I didn't need such a boat-load of them, I changed out a few elements and made a card for Creepella and for a tween-girl that I send cards to on a regular basis. While Creepella is older than Rachael, I think they both enjoy the same types of cards.
CTMH's summer catalog is now available and there are some very cool new papers and stamps in there......calling my name - I'm trying to ignore them, but they have that Siren's call.........sigh........I keep waiting for that money tree to produce its first long is it supposed to take anyway???