Saturday, June 30, 2012


Sorry, no card today.  I couldn't work up enough energy last night to do anything crafty.  Every once in a while do you have a no-good-horrible-really-rotten kind of day?  That was my day yesterday.  I can even list the 3 reasons that made it so terrible:

1) MAJORLY unfair hiring practices at work
Nope, this is not just sour grapes - I hadn't applied or interviewed....heck I wasn't even interested in the position.  But wow - I was walloped good when I found out the new employee is the wife of a director who directly supervises the husband of the hiring supervisor of the new employee.  Talk about "cozy".  Saying I'm disgusted doesn't begin to describe how I feel.  The thought of having to work with some of these people makes me absolutely nauseous.  Oh wait, it gets better....when the new employee originally applied for the postion, she was screened out (meaning her application/resume/supplemental questions did not meet minimum skills/experience required for the posted position).  However when the hiring supervisor found out the new employee was screened out a squawk was made (well probably several squawks) and low and behold, the new employee is once again in the running.  And looky here, looky here - she was selected as The Most Qualified Candidate.  HA - most qualified my ass..............I have a very good idea the new employee was "coached" with not only the interview questions but also the answers (especially all the current buzz words and phrases).  I am completely REVOLTED with the current situation.  Honestly I don't know how I will be able to look them in the eye - I don't think I'll do well with masking my contempt and loathing.

2)  Piss Poor Customer Service at the Credit Union (won't say which one, don't need to be sued for slander)
Won't go into details on this one but suffice it to say we will be looking for a new banking institute shortly.  This is not a spur-of-the-moment sort of decision - we've been doing business with them for over 25 years and the level of service has declined steadily.  Again, more disgust and loathing.

3)  While waiting for the green light at a corner of a fairly busy intersection, The Big B saw a man punch another man......the puncher hit the punchee so hard, the punchee fell to the ground.  The puncher jumped into a waiting car and they took off through the intersection.  The punchee looked to be a homeless man....fairly slight in build and rather frail.  As we were getting our phone to call 911 a van (from a car dealershi) pulled along side the curb and a man jumped out with his cell phone in hand and was heading over to the downed victim.  Thank goodness for him but as to the puncher - WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE???  I'm absolutely convinced we are WAAAAAY over-due for a FLOOD.

Really don't mean to be such a downer but I am having a hard time dealing with these things and I'm trying the  ol' "write it down......let it slip from your mind down your arm through your hand and pen onto paper" routine - something a counselor told me years ago.  Most of the time it works - I'm hoping it helps with some of this too. 

We're off to the movies.............we're seeing The Avengers - coincidence??  I think NOT!!!

Friday, June 29, 2012


You know how I ramble on about how I love it when my stitchy and hooky interests can meld into my card-making?  Well here's a perfect example how a stitchy IDEA translates so verra, verra well to card-making.  I'm a big fan of Julie Jackson (Subversive Cross Stitcher & Designer) and while she does sport quite the potty-mouth in her designs................I can appreciate it - in fact, it gives me pure glee while I'm stitching away........

But these cards are sweet - really they are!!!

Well, they are if you and the expecting mom are pretty good friends AND she understands your slightly warped sense of humor........

As for THESE cards.....they weren't actually for an expectant mom at all and well, TOO much to 'splain (on soooo many levels)......suffice it to say they were a hit and each of them held a handy little pocket that was perfect for a gift card or straight cash. 

Call me demented, but I giggled so much making them I plan on making MORE of them......they received lots of "thumbs ups" from my card-buying customers...........hee, hee, hee.......

Stamps - CTMH
Inks - Memento & Colorbox Chalks
Oval Scallop Punch - Marvy
Paper flowers - Michaels
Gemstones - A Muse
Scalloped scissors - Fiskars

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh So Busy!

YIKES............on top of starting a summer school class, I'm busy with this!!  Parts and pieces all over the place.  The Big B came in when I was cranking the cardbases through the Cuddlebug.  He watched me do a couple (because come, let's face it - it really IS rather fascinating)......he asked me how many I had done at that point (about 9) AND how many more did I have left (about 18) - he walked away shaking his head and muttering something (I didn't listen closely as I believe it was a reference to my sanity). 

When I have this many cards to do - it's ALWAYS assembly-line style.  So after I've got the card design, I pull together all of the components (and ahem, sometimes THAT'S a bit of a challenge....I'm good at knowing WHAT I have - I just have a bit of a problem knowing exactly WHERE everything is....).  Next, I cut the cardbases, score them (and yes, I ALWAYS make a couple of "spares") and if dry embossing is involved, I haul out the Cuddlebug and start cranking away.  Next, I cut some of precioussssssssss B&T and CS (trying NOT to shed any tears as they will warp the paper....).  If any punched or die-cut items are needed that's next and then I start in with the stamping (including envelopes) which is followed by coloring (if any - for these cards, NO coloring is needed).  At that point, I'm putting pieces and parts together (tonight I'm focusing on star assembly [there are 2 of them] and applying foam-mountaining tape)....and THEN I'm actually ready to start putting the card together.  Once the stars assembly/foam-mounting tape application is finished, I'm hoping the layering of the banners (two of them as well) and the already-assembled stars will only take another evening......that will leave me a couple of evenings to sign the cards, put them into their envelopes (yes, those are already stamped, addressed and have had postage applied) and get them into the mail so that they can be received in time for the 4th......whew, I'm kind of pooped!!! 

If my master plan goes well, I'll post the completed cards next week - until then wish me LUCK!!

Monday, June 25, 2012


One of the many b-day week cards I made for Creepella (more to follow).....however THIS one captures the fun that my mom always seemed to enjoy and since this would have been her 83rd birthday, hats off to you Mom - I miss you...........

Stamps - sentiment (Impress); 3 party hats (Michael's Dollar bin)
B&T - miscellaneous "scraps"
Inks - Memento
Ribbon and gemstones - A Muse
Martha Stewart's Loopy border punch

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Yes, MORE Flowers!

Ok, this will be the last of the crochet flowers for now.  Too much of anything is just too much!!

Paper flowers, crochet flowers and a wee bit of stamping........always fun, right?  The original design concept included a ribbon going along the fold-side but when I started to experiment with the ribbons I decided the card was becoming too busy AND I really wanted attention focused on those crochet flower so the stamped vine-y border was perfect (I also stamped that on the envelopes - so it was great tie-in for the card).

Stamps - PTI & CTMH
Inks - Memento
Martha Stewart Grass border punch
Cloud Die - A Muse

Saturday, June 23, 2012

How About This?

Remember all of those mini-crochet flowers I made in a fit of furious crochet-frenzy?  Wellllll, here's a little something you can do with them.  Just perfect!!  Once the flowers are finished, they can be used as all sorts of embellishments.

I grabbed a couple of Marvy scalloped-circle punches and a plain circle punch, a bit of B&T paper and some coordinating CS, a circle stamp and some ink.  Oh and the cute mini heart brad too!! 

I made quite a few of these for Mother's day (little gift enclosures for little treat bags of chocolates because EVERY Mom needs a bit o' chocolate, right??).

I love it when something stitchy or hooky can be incorporated into my's really like the planets aligning and all is right in the Universe........aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!

Stamp - PTI
Inks - Memento & Colorbox chalks
Mini heart brad - Making Memories
Punches - Marvy

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Funny Farm Greetings

We'll be celebrating Debbie's birthday soon - Happy Hour here we come!

We're so tired and worn out and beat up with the implementation of a new computer system.  We've been TRYING to deal with it for a month now............and it's just not getting better (more and more "glitches" are being found).  One thing that I'm grateful for - the very tight, very small circle of co-workers that I work with everyday are greatly wonderful.  We're really there for each other.  With the term "team" bandied about to no end, I think when you actually work in a genuine Team - it's nearly unbelievable.  We might be a strange group but somehow it all clicks. 

When I took the card in for signing, everyone wanted to know the significance (because at this point they know the "special" cards ALWAYS have a story....).  So I explained the Inspiration Point was the inside greeting (sorry, no photo but it says "Birthday Greetings from all of us at The Funny Farm").......had that for about a week and just had to let things perk in the ol' creative zone.  And then like lightening, it hit me.  My ONLY gripe - I wish there was a pig in this set (can hardly believe there isn't) - I was going to be the pig.  As it turns out Pam is the cow (because Butter is her favorite food group); Karla is the leaping lamp (because she's the youngest in our group and she's certainly the most athletic); April is the horse (because she's ALWAYS jiggling her legs and the "in progress" mouse thingy is a galloping horse); I'm the rooster (because there was no cat and wellllllll, I AM kind of bossy and as Creepella pointed out - I'm talk a lot).  When Pam saw the card and got the back story she just laughed and said, "Yes, it is just like real life  -  you're always on my back!!"  The hats also have special significance (Princess Pamela; Karla really IS a goof/jester; April is just a fun-loving gal; and I really am a tad bit Witch-like, ahem).

While this card took me hours to make, I ENJOYED every minute of it because everything fell into place, Debbie is very special annnnnnd I think she'll enjoy the humor of it all.

Stamps:  CTMH (animals); Savvy, Cats Pajamas, Michael's $-Bin (hats) & ??? (sentiment)
Cloud CS and Cloud die cut: A Muse
Green B&T paper: CTMH
Grass border punch: Martha Stewart
Ink: Memento & Colorbox Chalks
Copics & Spicas
Metallic Gift sticker: Recollections

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere.....

Greetings to the 6 followers of Kabobbing Cards.  Been away for a good long while - but I've been stamping.....a stamping fool.  Haven't taken many photos because it feels like I have to jump through about 17 hoops to set up my "studio" (aka my desk...) and I'm a lazy gal and when I'm not busy being lazy I'm t i r e d as in I don't get enough sleep because I'm busy stamping or stitching so I don't get the proper amount of sleep and then I start off in a pretty groggy state and then I spend 9 hours in front of dual monitors doing absolutely mind-numbing work and then I stumble off to class a couple of times a week to get a Major Math (a 4-letter word) headache and then finally get home to start the whole process again!

But the cool thing is whilst doing all of these little crafty things.......I do make stuff like the mini-flowers above.....AND I actually DO something with said flowers (aside from just plain admiring them in the cool little tin I received during this year's b-day week).  Alas I have no photos of the card that I made......but I will - and very soon too!!

Thanks for stopping by............catch you in a couple of days!!