Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party Plumage

Stamps, B&T paper - CTMH's Felicity stamp & paper set
Inks - CTMH & Tim Holtz Distressing Inks (still pretty inept with them...but trying)
Pearl Gem - Hero Arts
Koh-I-Noor Woodless Coloured Pencils do you like it? It's actually a flourish that, with a bit of masking, turned into the best Party Plumage that any bird could imagine!! I was happy with the inks on everything EXCEPT the flourish, I wanted the plumage to be very rich-looking and before I "filled-in" with the Koh-I-Noors, the flourish was looking fairly flat. I don't often remember about using the colored pencils to lay another dimension of color on already-applied ink. I'd say I'd make a note of it on a Post-It, but it would be lost with all of the other absolute sea of Post-It notes, various sizes and colors of course - for variety!!

As a side note: have any of you seen the bloggers that have taken one word to embrace for 2010? Ok, I know it has deeper meaning than that but I can't remember what the whole background was....but I liked the idea - in a casual need to get militant over something that should be kind of fun and help you focus - right?? So, I found a was difficult to zero in on just one word ('cause there's so many good ones out there) and I've decided to "do" something with it.....yesssss, something stamp-related. Of course I haven't actually DONE it yet but I'm PLANNING to - hey, maybe I'll go by the Chinese New Year instead....that gives me a little more time..........YIKES, gotta run!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Cardbase - Memory Box
Stamps - Hero Arts & CTMH (the border)
Vellum and Liquid Glass - CTMH
Inks - Memento
Copics & Spicas
Twine - Chef Bo-Bo Head's stash
Fiskars Mini-pinking scissors

Are you SEEING it?? Creepella did - she said, "Yes, a donut on one of the paper things.....YES, a donut on one of those paper things on TOP of the donut box.....but Mom, what's with the green line thing and I don't get the string??"....sigh.....I'm raising a Dork.

It's more of a feel obviously - Heidi TOTALLY got it, could it be because she's a stamper and appreciates the "artistic vibe" that's going on??? If only I could find a donut-scented spritz!!

I learned a valuable lesson with this Hero Arts donut stamp set - if you pick up the set, walk around with it, absolutely struggle to put it back, have non-buyer's remorse BEFORE you even leave the store, then buy the set already. If you don't, it means you'll be making ANOTHER trip back to the store and this time it'll cost you SO MUCH more than the original price!! Ah well, I have the set in my clutches now - so all is right with the world...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Stamps - CTMH
Inks - Memento, CTMH & Colorbox Chalk Inks
Punches - Stampin' Up
Gemstones - Hero Arts

There are a couple of sets lurking in this card, they all work so well together and it's a good idea to get them all because you never know which stamp you'll need to use.....well, that's what I'm telling myself. I've used "Springy" colors, I think people are getting tired of the rain (that wouldn't be me, but I hear a lot of grumbling going at work), so it's pretty cheerful. You always need an "everyday" card, right?

Just watching Nightline and I simply don't know what to do any more.....I've been mostly off beef for over a year now - due to a news cast (probably on Nightline...) that I saw repeatedly (abuse towards animals at diary farms especially...). I've never lived/worked on a farm and I know that animals are animals - they're not people. Lots of us have lost jobs, money is frightfully tight and we have families to care and provide for. Maybe I live in La-La Land, but can't we treat animals (yes, even the ones raised to be consumed) decently?? As I said, I'm really not sure what I'll be doing and I realize that I'm only one person - but I've got personal ethics and convictions and I do have to answer to my scary self. And not only do I TELL Creepella what she should do, but I think I should show her by doing it as well...............egads life is stupidly complicated at times.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Got Mail!

Stamps, ink, cardstock and B&T paper - CTMH
Ribbon & Twinkle Stickers - A Muse
Distressing Ink - PTI
Fiskars Scallop Scissors
Tonight when I got home, I had a lovely box from CTMH just waiting for me to rip open......placed an order late in December - HAD to to meet my 4th quarter minimums. CTMH sales have NOT been booming over the last couple of years....and that includes my personal orders. There are quite a few items that I've done without because we've been cinching our (money) belts as tight as possible (I've become quite adept at shallow breathing.....). But since I've been with CTMH for over 15 years now, I can't let it just slip away AND I truly love the products. The best acrylic stamps ever and decorative paper that absolutely sends me into a swoon.
As I was saying, I had to place a small order and I saw this beautiful B&T paper (Veranda's Creative Basics) and thought the stamp set (One Of A Kind) was too cool so my order was fast and easy.
I'm always amazed at some of the blogs I look at often - I haven't listed them for the most part (basically because I'm lazy), but believe me when I say it's a mighty LONG list. Anyhow, it blows me away how so many stampers can post a new card nearly EVERY day - how do they do it?? Where do they find the time?? Heck, I'm lucky if I can stay awake for dinner. Granted I generally work long hours (about 11 hours a day and Saturday mornings are not always for sleeping in) but man do I feel inadequate most of the time...................UNTIL I remember that lots of stamping bloggers make a card - a single card. When I make a card - I make at least 4 identical cards so even if the card is pretty simple in design and you do the whole assembly-line process it just takes some time.
While I did indeed make 4 cards tonight (one is even addressed, postage applied and ready to be mailed), they were fast and easy and it felt good to be able to whip them out at nearly warp speed. Now all I need to do is finish coloring the 8 other cards that have been collecting dust (and cat fur) on my desk for over a week..........YIKES!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Million Stitches - Or So It Seems

"Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler" - Shakespeare's Peddler
Fibers - Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler Pack - The Gentle Art

Forgive the tacky photo, I'm lazy and I was using Creepella's laptop so I just draped the in-progress sampler over the monitor and took the photo before it slunk down (again).....

Are you saying, "Hey, hey, hey............this isn't stamping, this isn't a card or a little goodie treat holder made from gorgeous decorative papers, punches with ribbons and gemstones and glittery goodness or other STAMPING items....what's going on here - have you lost your mind??? I came here to see a card!!!" Well here's the dealie - my blog, my photos and aside from Bob, nobody is the boss of me (said in sing-song style).

It's been my experience that most stampers have been dabblers in the whole arts & crafts genre and depending upon their age, may have had ample opportunity to dabble in a whole heck of a LOT of crafty-type arts. Me?? I picked up a crochet hook and was making a mean chain stitch by the time I was 6......I sold my first embroidered item in the 6th grade, sold ceramic creations and did wedding invitations in high school and have been on the paper path for, well, it seems for almost all of my life (calligraphy, quilling, paper-making, painting, origami and card-making.....still completely terrified of scrapbooking.....but that IS one mountain I WILL conquer......someday). I crochet, embroider (including crewel and needlepoint), work counted cross-stitch, fabric paint, fake-sew (I only utilize the pattern to cut the material and look at the "finished" design for assistance). I have not ventured into quilting (again, a bit terrifying) and I only make earrings as far as jewelry-making is concerned.

So bottom line is I'm a crafter, seems as if I always have been and most likely always will be. I love stamping but I really do love a few other artsy-fartsy things too.......mainly, crochet and cross-stitch. Many cross-stitch designs are absolutely gorgeous and there are some that are of heirloom quality (design-wise) just wating to be stitched. But oh stitching is soooooo, sooooooooooooo very slooooooow. Sometimes I feel like I'm spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast so then I switch over to crochet because that's nearly instant gratification.....and extremely portable. At this moment in time, I have several stitching projects going.....Jenny Bean Halloween Sampler (above) is one that is nearly done. And yesssss, I happen to have quite a lot of "Halloweeny" types of designs/patterns/charts - but hey, how cool is it to stitch with threads with names like "Nightmare, Dried Blood, Witch's Wart, Coffin Lid and Zombie Flesh"??? Some of my OTHER current projects include "Skeleton Crew", "Witchy-Washy", "Black Cat Teapot", "Cookie Dragon" and "Love Potion #9".

Stitching is something that requires little to no effort and can be done while I'm with my family listening to a movie or a t.v. gives us just enough "togetherness" versus when I'm stamping and I'm in a completely different area of the house (usually trying to run away from yet ANOTHER episode of "That '70's Show".....Kelso is just too stupid for me most of the time.....).

So in 2010, I'd really like to COMPLETE some of these stitching Fair Warning - every once in a while, because I'm such a well-rounded crafter (and noooo, I'm not making any references to my nether-regions...) I'll be posting something that is completely NON-stamping-related.......just 'cause I can!!

Singing In The New Year

Stamps - Hero Arts
CB - A Muse
B&T paper - ???
Inks - Memento & Colorbox
Copics, Spicas
Stickles (Frosty Lace)
Marvy Circle punches

Just had our Christmas gathering with my side of the family. The kids are mostly in their teens (3 girls and 1 boy) so shopping for them can be rather daunting.....a few years back, my cousins and I decided it would be fun (AND affordable) for each kid to bring 2 gift cards, pick numbers and have at it. Each year it's a struggle to remember "the rules" but it all works out. My aunt also tosses in 8 more gift cards and this year Lily, Iris and Bob pooled their cash reserves and sent me off to Costco for a mega-deal on iTune gift cards (they figure they want to be part of the party too!!) so each kid walked away with 5 gift cards (or in Creepella's case, 4 gift cards and some "straight cash").

So being a card-maker, I have to come up with a cool gift card-holding card right? These were fast and easy and more importantly FUN TO MAKE (and I actually had them done a week before I needed about miracles.....). Inside is a pouch for the gift card and the card itself is a 4.25 square card (perfect way to utilize the square envelopes that used to come in the A Muse square card packs). I love square cards, I like the symmetry of squares....unfortunately the extra postage it takes to mail a square card is somewhat off-putting to many of our customers so mostly, we stick to making the standard-sized cards. I'm hoping to make a few of these gift-card holders and "test the waters"......perhaps if our customers are hand-delivering the card these square babies might just take off!!

Here's hoping 2010 brings lots of good things to each and everyone of you.........CHEERS!!!