Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Heart Day!

Done in a different color pallet this could have been sickening sweet.  It's pretty busy.  And there's heaps of hearts.  And there's "love" a double scalloped heart.
Since it was darker I wanted to add a pop of color but I didn't want it to be overly foo-foo (red can be appropriate for a man or a woman, right?).  

So lots of grey works......even if sparkles.

Oh come on, we're talking about love here.......and "forever and for all eternity" too?  Well that just screams Edward to me and you know he just sparkles so beautifully in the sunlight.......
Stamps - Paper Smooches
Embossing Folder - Sizzix
Scallop Heart Punches -Marvy
Cardbase - PTI
Stardream CS
Ink - Memento & CTMH
"love" die cut - QuicKutz
Ribbon - stash scrap
Heart Brad - Making Memories
Foam Tape
Hope you all have a wonderful Heart Day!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Supernatural 16

Ok, as usual there's a bit of a story behind this card.  I was commissioned by a co-worker to make a Supernatural card for her daughter's 16th b-day because welllllll of course her daughter is a big fan of the show and she was celebrating by going to a Supernatural Convention thing.....with her Dad (who's also a big Supernatural fan).
Me???  Well I'm pretty much a scaredy-cat because my oh-so vivid imagination will wreak havoc when left to it's own devices (there's a reason why Mr. B must accompany me whilst I bring in the pegged laundry at 11:00 at night...I just KNOW there's either a vampire or a werewolf that will be waiting for me behind that last pegged sheet......).  Soooooo, I've learned that it's best if I don't watch certain movies or shows or even read certain books (still haven't finished "It" and I started that one in 1988.....).  But I've seen a couple of reruns of Supernatural here and there and it seemed like mostly an action/adventure type of show and it was hilarious when the short one (I know, I know - it's Dean but it's so confusing because the tall one was Dean in Gilmore Girls....) did the whole lip-sync thing to the "Eye of The Tiger" at the end of one episode. 
Sure, I'll make a card - I mean how difficult could it be?  I've got enough supplies that I can create practically ANY themed card.  Ahem......except when I really don't know the characters, plotline, symbols, etc.  Enter Creepella - my go-to Research Person (whom I live with....Gail is my go-to Research Person that I don't live's nice to have a Research Staff....).  So Creepella starts researching and she finds some stuff and that gives me enough material to start planning the card.  And oh what a plan - it even included burning the edges, having things dangling in the middle of the card and having twigs and other bits & bobs and well.........huh, THAT'S not all.
"Mom, just look at what I've found on Pintrest and you'll figure something out.....calm down - you always come up with leave me alone."  I might have been a bit clingy - almost needy at times. 
But finally a cooler head prevailed.............and set Creepella up with another task.  Make me some background paper please - huh?  Use this parchment paper and use different shades of brown for the text and make the text all know different sized fonts and all wonky across the paper - nothing neat and tidy - huh??  I may have raised my voice when I repeated my demands requests.  After a couple of editing sessions I had a sheet of background paper that I could work with AND during the course of her research she found the image of the Winchesters' tattoo (ok whatever, I don't need the whole story - can I please just have the image???) and printed it in dark brown ink on some cream 65lb-weight CS and in about 4 different sizes and then ran off to bed so I would stop pestering her. 
Not much stamping to do really - I have several number sets so I found some that I thought would fit the "mood" and the various printed font sizes and luckily I had 4 different shades of brown that matched the various browns used for all of the "supernaturals".  LOTS of fussy cutting involved with the main image and even more fussy cutting of my beloved foam tape.  At one point Creepella came to see how things were progressing.  I had just finished getting all of the foam tape adhered to the back of the tattoo image - she took one look at it, rolled her eyes and told me I was crazy.  Why thank you very much - I'm absolutely passionate about my paper-crafting!!!  I already had the wings in my stash and got the cross charms on a stamp store run with Heidi.  Who, by the way, is demented and has watched Supernatural since the beginning and was instrumental with the cross selection (it wasn't a large selection but we did the best we could with what was available). 
Twine from my stash, distressing the edges with a distressing tool and grunging it up with some chalk ink just added to the feel.  The card itself is 5 x 5.  Stamped "happy" and "birthday" along with "16" around another printed "SUPERNATURAL" that I was able to use from some of the custom-created background paper and distressed it as well.  I used one of the smaller tattoo images for the envelope (because I ALWAYS try to make the envelope match!!).
There are a lot of photos because I tried to capture all the bits and pieces of the card - because I will NEVER make this card again...................   Ever.



Stamps - CTMH
Inks - Memento and CTMH