Friday, October 9, 2009

Kayla's Card

Cardbase - Memory Box
Stamps - A Muse & A Stamp In The Hand
Inks - Memento
Copics & Spicas
Martha Stewart Glow In The Dark Glitter
Liquid Glass - CTMH
Metal Stickers - Nailheads

This is Kayla's b-day card.....this is the 2nd "Twilight" themed card for Ms. Kayla....and I think she's a Jacob fan, so since A Muse oh-so conveniently "released" their new wolf stamp - well, need I say more?? It's so much fun to have The Perfect Stamps to make The Perfect Card that's exactly right for the recipient.
The truck is called "Fetching the Tree" (I think).....because there's a pine tree in the bed - but with some really careful snipping (and some great micro-tip scissors) you too can have a truck that would make Bella proud. The glow in the dark glitter is so cool (as I was making the card, I kept taking the bottle of glitter into the closet - just to be amazed). I'm not a big loose-glitter fan but I'm liking Martha's collection (sigh.....every time I try to make a break from her, she sucks me back into her clutches with the next new cool thing......).
The nailheads worked well for the hubcaps. I used Copics on the truck and the wolf, the rest of the "color" was done with those handy-dandy Memento dew drops!!
And finally - this is actually Heidi's b-day, but since she's at The Happiest Place On Earth, I don't feel so bad that I'm not posting HER b-day card......and well, I haven't quite finished (or started) it - yet. We'll be celebrating her b-day next month (need a couple of paychecks to save up for our wild & crazy party!!) - it'll involve eating and shopping of course.
Have a great weekend - take a few moments to stamp!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Grin Stuff....

Stamps by A Muse, Memory Box, Poppystamps, Inkadinkado

Well here are a few of my new best friends.........I don't know why I do this - have a NON-stamping project going and run out and get stamps......that I can't use until said project is done. I guess I just like to torture myself. I have ideas for most of these stamps (especially the little guy running - top right corner [looking at the stamps] - it's kind of sick, but I think it'll be pretty funny!!). Isn't the sentiment by the 4-year old great?? I know a lot of adults who would think that not hitting & biting someone constitutes a GOOD day!! I purchased the Memory Box stamps because Creepella really likes that style. I've got a few ideas for those two stamps, we'll see how they pan out.

I'm hoping to get some stamping time in this weekend. But first things first - we purchased some of the shelving materials so I'm hoping to get Chef Bo-Bo Head (and his drill) into action - PUTTING UP SHELVES......sheesh, what are you guys THINKING??? After that, clear the decks - it's time to stamp!!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Party Monster

Cardbase - Papertrey Inks

Stamps - Recollections "My Little Monsters"

B&T paper - 8X8 tablet from Target

Nestabilities Small Pinking Circles

Fiskars mini-pinking edgers & pinking edgers

Inks - Memento

Copics & Spicas

A Muse - Lime Green Gems

Found this set of monster stamps at 25% off, I think I ended up paying about $4.50 for this clear set of stamps. I was a bit leery as they're made in China, BUT unlike a lot of clear stamps that are made in China, these actually stamp well (not all blotchy). I purchased several sets (both for myself and gifts - Heidi, are you curious????)
The tissue paper flowers are FINALLY finished, after 52 flowers, my hands are officially sand-paper and it feels as if I haven't stamped in ages. Of course the first card to make is a "Grrrrrrr" monster card, right???

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flowers, Flowers, EVERY WHERE...

This is/these are my current captors.....yes, I'm being held hostage by tissue paper flowers. Technically, I'm being held hostage by tissue paper and pipe cleaners that are just waiting to be folded into flowers. Creepella has already made mention that it seems as if the predominant color is orange.....and I ask you - what's wrong with that?? Making them isn't difficult, actually it's kind of relaxing (almost Zen-like), but good grief making them really does eat up the time (especially since I only have a couple of "crafting" hours after my day job). But I offered to help and help I will. I have a feeling that when I'm done fluffing that last flower I'll have had enough tissue paper contact to last a very long while.
Since I'm committed (or at least SHOULD be...) to making gobs of these, my stamping has to take a back-seat for a few days. Friday is lunch-with-Gail-and-discuss-HP/Hallows-with-chips-and-salllllllsa-for-a-few-hours, so probably no stamping until the weekend.
Hope YOU get some quality stamping time reallllly soon!!
BTW - I have NO idea how to get my paragraphs back. When I'm in my "preview" mode, the text looks nice and tidy, my paragraphs are looking good but when it posts - ICK, everything is all squished - it's stifling my written creativity (which I'll admit, could be a GOOD thing), but dang it, if I want to babble on MY blog, I want to do it in paragraph form....can anyone give me a clue....pretty please???
Happy October 1st - let Autumn begin (please, please, please......)