Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Brrr-fectly You

It's only AFTER making this card that I came to realize, "HEY - you need to invest in a new black Memento Pad!!!".....and so I did, again AFTER making this card.  And wow - what a difference it's made in my stamped images!!!
I used a die-cut with a hillside of trees and I very carefully snipped away the trees.  I random-stamped the background with what I consider a mod-retro snowflake design.  I also stamped the sentiment on the CB itself in a darker blue ink.  Stamped and colored the penguin, hat and the fish on a separate piece of CS and then cut them out (times 4 - I make 4 cards for the craft fair cards).  I know I've mentioned that I actually ENJOY doing some fussy-cutting because it's a Zen-thing for me (as long as I have good scissors of course).  


As you can see, I PILED on the Icicle Stickles on the poor fish in my attempt to make fish scales (I don't know, I think he kind of looks like he might have sort of affliction instead??).  I stamped the small oval and then made a slit big enough to slide part of the fish into it and used a smidgeon of glue to hold him steady.  After adhering the snow bank panel onto the CB, I  popped the Penguin out with foam tape (of course).  You might not be able to see it but I also applied a bit of Liquid Glass onto the Penguin's beak.
I think the mini pom-pom on his hat is fun and helps to give the card dimension.  And from a distance, the heavily-applied Stickles really does look like fish scales!!
Hope you all have a wonderful New Year.....may 2015 bring you loads of GOOD health & happiness!!  Stay safe & warm!!
Toodles for now.......
Kathy & Bob
Stamps - Paper Smooches, Savvy, A Muse
Die Cut - Impression Obsession 
CB - Memory Box
Inks - Memento
Liquid Glass - CTMH
Corner Rounder
Mini Pom-pom

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Mr. and Mrs.

This one proved to be quite popular.  And WOW - it's so simple!!  I've seen a lot of  wedding cards with the whole "Mr. & Mrs." theme and since I have a few stamps that say "Mr. & Mrs." I thought it was time to get busy!!!
Like I said, easy card........ran the CB through the Cuttlebug (I think you could use any embossing folder that was floral or flourish in design and it would work well).  I stamped the "Mr. & Mrs." and then added Stickles (no heat embossing for me.....actually, I didn't even think about it!!), swiped the edges with some chalk ink to "frame" the stamped panel and then matted it onto some Stardream CS and popped it out with some foam tape.

Then I topped it all off with some white organza ribbon across the top with some bits of pearls and white shimmer ribbon.  It's very monochromatic and I think that tones down what could have been a slightly busy design.......

A pretty traditional design, fast and easy and like I said, very popular at the craft fair.  All winners in my book!

Toodles for now!

Stamp - PTI
Embossing Folder - Cuddlebug
Inks - Memento & CTMH pigments
Ribbons (various & miscellaneous)
Stardream CB (I think it was Platinum)
CB - Neenah Solar White Cover

Monday, December 29, 2014

Yum - Yum!

An old card (like maybe 5 years old or more??)  - originally there was no gem flourish but it definitely needed something so a sparkly corner always works, right? 
I still have the cupcake stamps (Hero Arts) but I haven't used them in of the side effects of the seemingly never-ending quest for the latest stamp set.  Something that is both thrilling and completely wasteful.  I aim to change my spending habits in 2015 - it'll be challenging but it's like losing weight - a slow & steady stays the course sort of thing.  It's taken me nearly 3 years to drop 50 pounds......I'd like to shed another 20-30 pounds and had HOPED to have it off by now but alas, that hasn't happened..............yet....................
But back to stamping - yes, it's still thrilling to get a new set of stamps and paper, well paper is it's own slice of heaven for me but I'm toning down the absolute driving need of getting EVERY new set because I NEED to......need is a funny word, you know?

And back to the card.....

Here you can see the Liquid Glass application on the frosting area.  No idea why I decided to color the frosting a light grey - I think I was just trying to add some shadowing for depth.  Ahem......a lesson here - Copics aren't always your friend!!

By my absence from the blog you could surmise that I've been hugely busy and that would be correct but a lot of the absence is due to the fact that I'm not very timely in the taking of photos and I get kind of lazy at the end of the day/evening and then I mostly veg or stamp or craft and blogging is just "poofed" out of my mind. 

So long story short, I do plan on blogging more in least until I can post all of the cards that were made for the last craft fair (which went very well) - and just like exercising, it's something I need to make time for on a regular basis. 

Toodles for now!

CB - Memory Box
Stamps - Hero Arts
Memento Inks
Ribbon - May Art Ribbon
Gemstone Flourish - CTMH
Corner Rounder

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Technology and Changes

Well, I've finally got something more up-to-date than a flip-phone.  I like that I can now text at will (AND it doesn't cost me 25-cents per text) and the photos I take are really quite nice (AND with this huge screen I can actually SEE them).  There are tons of other features (yes, I've even done a few videos) but I have NO clue how they operate and at this point I have NO desire to learn more. 

At this point...

The features I do understand and know how to operate are keeping me pretty amused - for example, never before have I ever been able to get a photo of Bob THIS close....this clearly.....AND with him having his eyes open!

Actually even when his eyes are closed, you can STILL tell what he is: (Obviously I'm a handsome devil - that's what I am....)

And now he's heard the "click"....

And he simply wants to know what I'm doing......(AGAIN with that stupid pink rectangle thing Kathy??? - Really, REALLY???)

He's a good boy in humoring me......(Well of course I humor you.....I'm certainly not going to scoop my own litter-box.......I need you around for those mundane tasks!)
Unfortunately we've run into a major dry spell as far as card-making goes....oh, we'll make a set or two here and there but there's just not the excitement or passion there once was.  Could be that I've turned that toward other crafting endeavors but more likely than not - I think I'm just burnt out on the whole card-making for a profit thing.  And HA - that's a laugh - as if we've EVER actually made a profit!!  But (for me at least), it's come down to feeling more like a JOB, something that I feel that I HAVE to do - and well, that makes it a lot less fun........
Lately I've made a couple of cards for special b-days (and nope, didn't even think about taking a photo - even with my cool new phone!!) and that was fun but it was fun because it didn't feel like a JOB - like it didn't HAVE to be done (which technically it did 'cause well, they were b-day cards....needed by a certain date and all).  We've got a craft fair looming (and I do mean LOOMING) ....and I've got to get my stamping butt into gear but with each weekend that passes I find myself oh-so busy doing OTHER things (pretty much ANYTHING else - good grief I've even glommed onto watching T.V. shows for pity sake... all in my avoidance of stamping) yep, pretty much everything/anything else EXCEPT for stamping.....sigh....
Oh, I'll get my sets of cards done because I'm in a partnership but those cards won't be made with a whole lot of fun nor joy or enthusiasm and I'm a bit afraid that will be reflected in the end product......but they WILL get done.  After the craft fair, we'll need to re-visit our plans and goals - I know that mine have definitely changed.   
But ok, life goes and so will I - not sure what will end up landing on the ol' bloggeroony - and if it's not your cup of tea, I totally get it and sorry to disappoint - but there are TONS of other card-making blogs out there - I know you'll find something...   
Bob and I thank you for your time - we hope we've given you a good idea every now and again.  Create & Enjoy and spread that happiness around - use your talents for good!!
Toodles for now........
Kathy & Bob  

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bag Crazy

Guess what I've been busy with....again?  Yep, it's another purse from Dog Under My Desk ok, so it's NOT exactly the same bag - I sort of Dr. Frankensteined it a bit......I crossed the Zip & Go Bag with the boxed corner pockets of the Essential Wristlet and created this hybrid bag.

 A closer look at the strap (yep, made from "scratch".....), the slide hardware and the TWO zip-zippers!!  TWO zippers................I swoon with the thought that I did that!!
And the lining for the front pocket and main body - LINING, completely FINISHED seams - COMPLETELY lined and finished!!

And I had different lining for the front pocket and for the main body - just 'cause I could........oh, I just noticed I have a black pony-tail holder hiding in there...........I swear - I have them in practically EVERY pocket of every bag and pair of pants I own. 
I've cut the pieces for the standard Zip & Go bag, I think it'll go much smoother than my hybrid - I'm just hanging around waiting for matching zippers and hardware...........I can hardly wait to get started!!!
Thanks for popping in!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Shine On

New CTMH stuff............lots of fun new stuff............this card uses TWO new B&T papers (Scaredy Cat & Chalk It Up), new stamps, new adhesive sequins, new gold glitter trim, new markers and a new puffy heart embellishment.

I did a swiping motion to get a sorta distressed look.  I colored the shooting star stamp with the NEW alcohol-based markers.

All of the new stuff is so much fun!!  AND we have a whole year to collect and play......tra la laaa!!!
Thanks for popping in!!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pet Loss

Another sympathy card but for our furry friends.   Pretty neutral tones......Kraft CB with a wood grain embossing folder.  B&T paper from Cosmo Cricket.
Dog stamps from A Muse.....sentiment from Hero Arts.  Little heart punch is from Marvy, distressing tool from CTMH, Memento and Colorbox inks and the fun twine is from Taylored Expressions.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Care For a Bite?

Guess where I picked these up?  At my LSS - yesssss, the STAMP store!!  I knew they were perfect for Creepella....and I was right - she loves them.  If she ever gets around to making a pair of earrings I'll post them - I'm sure they'll be frightfully delightful!

And how about these beauties.......the little winged darlings?  My darling daughter - so dark & demented.....gotta love her!!

Thanks for popping by!


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Shimmer Flower

It might be a little brighter than most of my Sympathy cards but I think it's still calming enough.  

I used the shimmer water color paints that I've had for 7+ years.....haven't used paints in a very long time so that was a fun application.  The stamped images (PTI) take any type of color medium so well you really can't go wrong.  I love the coordinating B&T paper too (also from PTI).  

I thought the embossing folder gave just the right amount of was too plain with something but I wanted some pretty subtle.  Embossing folders fit the bill.

Thanks for popping in!


Friday, July 25, 2014

Another Pink Day!

Another smallish card for Creepella's b-day week.  It's very similar to this card that I made in April.  I used many of the same components (stamps, B&T paper, mini star gems)....but I added the star border punch (Martha Stewart) and changed the lay-out a bit. 

A fun and bright card for a fun-filled week!

Copics; Memento Inks; B&T - CTMH; Stardream CS; Stickles

Thanks for popping in!


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sewing Endeavors

Guess what I've been busy with?  SEWING.....haven't sewn anything for over a decade (when I made Creepella some sort of Pink Princess costume).  But I've been engrossed with the pattern-making endeavors of Erin and I finally decided it was time (to purchase a pattern or two) and then closed my eyes and took a leap......while I didn't exactly defy gravity I DID put together this cool wristlet.  Yes, I moaned and groaned (and worked up a sweat and cursed quite a lot) whilst in the midst of "creating" this lovely but let me tell you I am beside myself with delight on the finished product.  

Erin's patterns are hugely daunting....because she's very, very detailed in her direction and photos.  But since I claim to like "Fill-In-The-Blank For Dummies" books I should have embraced her patterns from the get-go.  I did eventually built a healthy enthusiasm - it just took me a minute. 
Did I mention linings and fusible interfacing and sew-in interfacing and zippers (as in ZIPPERS) and hardware (which was actually kind of fun) and page upon pages of instructions? 
But isn't it cool?  I'm so enthralled that I made this with my own two hands, a sorta-working 25+ year Kenmore sewing machine and material that I've been collecting for eons (because it's so pretty, and the colors and patterns are delightful - it's like FOLDABLE B&Tpaper!!).
Anyhow, I'm a happy crafty-gal and I've already purchased the latest purse pattern (Date Night) and material and zippers and hardware so I just need a chunk of time to get busy!! 
I've managed to squeeze in a couple of cards too so I hope you'll return to take a peek. 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

A Little Hug

A fun mini (3X3) card to share!  It's from the same little frame set (Hero Arts) that I used for this "Bacon" card.  I love it when a set is so versatile - and wow - what different looks!  The label/fram is stamped with Memento Inks and I added just a bit of coloring/high-lighting with Copics and a quick application of Stickles makes "hug" stand-out!.
Pink and Green because it was for Creepella - and you know Pink Goes Good With Green (sorry, gotta slip in a little Wickedness whenever I can!!), and of course let's throw some sparklies around for good measure too!!
The embossing folder (Lifestyle/QK) is a new one to me and I love's so neat and tidy and tiny.  The green ribbon has been in my stash for years (I hoard this stuff like nobody's business as it's Creepella's favorite and I just can't find it anymore).


I love the star gems too - two different sizes......sigh......makes me happy, happy, happy!!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014


This one started out as a Mother's Day card and actually I decided it would make a good b-day card so I made a few extra.  The B&T (CTMH) is pulling most of the weight,  The shoe (Hero Arts) is simple to color with Copics and then I loaded the flower accent with two different Stickle colors.  The scalloped heart punch is from Marvy.


The little pearls are from a spool that I've had for years.  The rhinestone brad is from Recollections and the organza ribbon is just from my stash.

This sentiment is from PTI and the punch is from Stampin' Up.  Inks are Memento and CTMH.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrating the CTMH Way

About 97% of the items for this card are CTMH products. 

The ribbon, the brads, the flower punch and the Stickles aren't from CTMH.

But everything else is from CTMH.  Speaking of which, today I'm celebrating my 19th year as a CTMH Consultant. 

Nineteen years......when I started, I thought, "Oh, I'll do this for about a year....I just need a year to get everything I want (at a discount) from the catalog and then I'll be finished."  HA - what a laugh.......and here I am 19 years later - looking forward to next year's Convention!!  I'm delighted that it will be held close enough that I can attend, I think it will be a fitting celebration of 20 fun-filled years of CTMH stamping!!

The new catalog will be released on August 1st, and I've already been a busy bee making stuff for future postings.  I was so excited that CTMH decided to go back to an annual catalog/idea book (versus the bi-annual Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter catalogs we've had for the last several years).  You might think oh it'll get boring after a few months (well how that can be I don't know....) but CTMH has that all worked out.  "Seasonal Expressions" will be released twice within the 12-month catalog life.  There will be cool new items in each release that will be sooooo exciting and fun (I can hardly wait!). 

The worse part of the new catalog has been having to DECIDE what the heck to get first!!  I know I have an entire year to get everything on my list but I kinda sorta want it all NOW.  Chef B just rolls his eyes when I start in with my whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.  Patience Grasshopper!!

Attending Convention after a multi-year absence has really gotten me extra excited about CTMH again.  I think I get so used to the products (because I'm pretty much surrounded by them) that I forget how truly remarkable they are - Convention is a 3-day immersion of CTMH and my love, appreciation and delight has been renewed. 

I've got some miscellaneous stamping goodness lined up for the rest of July but then WATCH out for August - it'll be packed with CTMH stuff!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Magic Begins

Not only do I have Creepella's B-day week to prep for, I also have Chef Bo-Bo's just a couple of weeks early too.  But hey, it gets me into the ol' b-day spirit and allows me to delve into Disney and Skulls to my heart's content! 

Paper, paper, paper........and a little bit of stamping helped to make this 3 x 3 card.  Mickey head punch from EK Success, corner rounder from Marvy, stamps from CTMH, Baker's twine - scraps from a wedding!!, Memento Ink, CB and CS from CTMH and B&T paper is very Disney-like (can't recall the designer). 


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Skully Cuppy

Yes, it was that time again......b-day week for Creepella has come and gone and of course, it wouldn't truly be b-day week without some skulls! 
I loved making this's only a wee-one (to give you some idea on size, the scalloped heart is the purple punch from Marvy).  I fiddled around with the embossing folder (Cuddlebug - I think!!) so that the skulls and bones lined up nicely and oh my - the cupcake stamp (Impression Obsession) is simply too PERFECT!!  A bit of coloring and some Spicas and Liquid Glass perfected the "treat" and then I just had to top it off with a darling little bow (in her favorite ribbon) and mini star brad. 
She loved it nearly as much as I love her....

Friday, June 27, 2014

Graduate Collage

I love words....I really do - they're so powerful, so valuable, so entrancing.......they're fascinating.  And a bunch of words with a common goal can be riveting and can invoke strong emotions.  That's sorta what I was going for with this card.

These words/sentiments are from a CTMH set that's really all about sports.  I'm not all about sports but when I saw this set all I saw were the words (perseverance is one of my favorite words) and thought so many of these sentiments could work for so many things beyond sports......

Stamps - CTMH
Ink - Memento
Photo Corner Punch - EK Success
Metallic CS - CTMH

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Turtle Wishes

Ok, firstly these are EXTRA pathetic photos I know........but I'm pretty thrilled I actually remembered to snap a couple of them before delivering this custom-designed card.  Now I know I should be giving the proper credit to the artist of the Ninja Turtle but I cut the image out so closely (and tidied up as I worked), I have NO clue whom to give apologies to the talented artist out there - your work is appreciated!!  A co-worker needed a card for her daughter who was turning 6 and who loves the "purple" Ninja Turtle - so there you go!!
But hey, I can give credit for the stamp images.....confetti is from CTMH, the sentiment and cake are from Hero Arts, small oval "shadow" under the turtle is from A Muse, the large candle flame and small candle dies are from QuicKutz and the scalloped circle (aka doily) is from Marvy punches.  


Inks - Memento
Liquid Glass - CTMH
Ribbon - A Muse
Foam Tape

(H.B. to Mom...missing you tons, piles & heaps...)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Cloud Happy

When I was making these Graduation Day cards, I didn't really notice that I had a couple of designs that had a VERY similar theme.....clouds......  This one uses Doodlebug B&T paper, so there's a bit of a difference, but just barely.  I still used the cloud die from A Muse (I really must get another cloud die.....for a different look/feel......I'm thinking either Taylored Expressions or Paper Smooches - what's your favorite cloud die?).  The "graduation" balloon mostly fits on the large cloud die and it all lines up well enough for the design I had in mind.

Love this Dr. Seuss saying (actually I like a LOT of them......I've seen a cool design in Cross Stitch that I'm mulling over.....) but if I were to make this card again, I would stamp the sentiment in Paris Dusk instead of Tuxedo Black.

And because the balloon looked a bit flat (even with foam-mounting the cloud), I added some Liquid Glass to the balloon portion to make it pop a bit.  Some Spicas on the tassel gave a smidgeon of sparkle too....and I find that sometimes that makes all the difference - don't you?
Memento Inks

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hats Off To You!

I'm really liking these Graphic Greetings from Taylored Expressions.  I've started out with half a dozen but I'm thinking I'll end up getting a few more.  I think I'm a bit of a font-junky and this just fits the bill for me......
And hello, yet another super-easy card!!  Stamped the sentiment, squiggled-colored one line with a matching Copic, edged the sentiment panel with some CTMH pigment ink and did some paper layering.  I also stamped just the cap on some scrap CS and foam-mounted it to give the card some dimension.  I added a few mini-brads (1 plain and 3 stars) for some shine.  The cap B&T paper is several years old and I don't know the designer.

Memento Inks


Friday, June 20, 2014

A Wish for Grads

Oh goodness, I've had this stamps for eons......I have several stamps in this style - I loved the graphic font and the design style.  I don't recall the designer - I haven't seen them in stores in years so I'm glad I have as many as I do!

As you can tell, this was a fast and easy card to make.  Crank the CB through the Cuttlebug (embossing folder from Darcie's), stamp the sentiment and layer it onto a CS panel and tie off with some ribbon.......and Ta-Dahhhhhhh, you're done! 
Memento Ink
Stardream CS
Ribbon - Misc.