Thursday, July 31, 2008

Geeta's Card

Stamps, Cardstock/cardbase (pretty much everything) - A Muse; Copics, Spicas, misc. eyelet.

I made this card for one of the 4 A Muse Addicts Moderators (the Fab 4)....I don't "know" her aside from her many posts and a peek at her blog every once in a while - but man, do I appreciate what they ALL do. I can only imagine how much time and effort it takes to maintain the A Muse Addicts area (see, I'm such a computer dork I don't even know what to call it). Anyhow these women (who already seem to have mighty FULL lives) take care of us A Muse Addicts and when a call goes out to MAKE A CARD.....I'm absolutely delighted to join in the fun. I hope Geeta had a wonderful birthday!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dragon Daze Revisited

Remember when all I had to show was a few stamped images and a lovely grouping of Copics??

Well Ta-Dahhhhhhh........
Stamps - Stampin' Up; Inky Antics; Stamp In The Hand; Inks - Memento & Versafine; Copics & Spicas & White Gel Uniball; Washi Paper
Whew - well FINALLY this poor dragon has a a nice cozy cave....because she's feeling puny and just needs to rest.....and smell the wind blowing through the pine trees (remember when Hagrid was talking about how much Buckbeak liked that?? I totally "saw" that in my head...). Before you know it, she'll be defending her Golden Egg from all of those Triwizard Champion Pests...........hey - maybe THAT'S why it's taken me so stinkin' long to finish this card - maybe I was just waiting for the perfect Harry Potter image for some inspiration???


CB-Memory Box; Stamps - A Muse; Inks - Memento & Versafine; Copics & Spicas; Washi Paper
Love this clear set from A get the "Asian feel" simplicity is the best (and really fast too!!). Love the washi paper - I think it adds a nice understated accent. Sayonara!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back To School

Red CB - Memory Box; CS - A Muse; Stamps - mostly A Muse, also Just Johanna, Memory Box, CTMH; Copics, Spicas.

Well shoot, these were the cards I sent into Keiki Cards this month - I guess they were also the last cards that I made for for them and I didn't even know it. As of July 23rd, they are no longer accepting cards. I'm not really sure what EXACTLY happened (perhaps a combination of lack of funding, personal and volunteer issues), but I'm really bummed...I've been making cards for them since the transition from Cards for Kids to Keiki's (hmm - perhaps 6 or 7 years ago??). Over the years, they've done such a wonderful thing and I've been proud to be a small part of the organization. Some of my stamping buddies, Heidi, Sharon and Marilynn have gotten our cards together each month to send into Keiki's - so I suppose now we'll need to be on the hunt for a new organization. Actually, since I need to practice delegating tasks.....I've delegated this task of finding a new organization to Sharon - I'm sure she's burning up the internet in her research. I can hardly wait to see what she's found.

As a happy surprise, the new monthly theme thing (I know, I know - clear as mud) over at A Muse Addicts is "Back To School" - glad I'm finally able to participate in these things....what fun!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Flying Fluffles

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - Hero Arts & Stampendous; Inks - Memento & Colobox; Copics; Stardream CS; Ribbon - A Muse.

Besides the Kliban Cat Stamps...I think I love Stampendous' Fluffles the Cat stamps almost as much. I know it'll sound like a broken record - but I seem to have a ton of them (eh, BOTH Kliban cats AND Fluffles). But I ask you - how the heck do you CHOOSE one image over another when BOTH of them (or all 18 of them) will be PURRRRFECT for a card (sorry - I tried to resist, but I'm weak...)??? Isn't there enough tension and stress in our lives? Must we heap more onto ourselves by getting into a dither because we can't choose the RIGHT stamp? And how will the other stamp feel if left on the shelf - will Stamp Therapy take on a whole new meaning? Isn't it our responsibility and duty to give these lost and wayward stamps a good and loving home?? A nurturing environment where their creativity will flourish and blossom (especially when paired with all those cool flourish and floral stamps??).

Whew - I feel better...besides, stamps are like cats - you can't have JUST one - that's just plain silly!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Skully asks...

Stamps & Cardbase - Memory Box; Inks - Versafine & Stazon; Twinkling H20's; Stardream CS.

Another fun "piratey" card. My friends Gail & Lia LOVE the pirate cards (actually, they love THE Pirates too...), so whenever I'm making a pirate card, I'm thinking of those two wild women. They're weird (Gail & Lia - although the Pirates might be too...), they purchase 2 of each card - one to keep (and pet) and one to possibly send - if the potential recipient is deemed "worthy" of a Pirate card. Man, my friends really ARE weird......

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paula's Sun

Stamp - Paula Best; Cardstocks, inks & markers - CTMH; Stickles

Another "old" card - but I still love this stamp. I have a whole huge whopping container of Paula Best Stamps - I'm always hoping she'll become an Angel Company so that I can make cards with her stamps to sell.....alas, my hopes are dashed every year (I bug them at the rubber stamp convention). So while I don't purchase nearly as many Paula Best stamps as I could (and would), I REALLY love the stamps I do buy. Hope YOUR world burns and sparkles with light.....(and Spicas and stickles).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Oldie But Goodie

Stamps, markers, B&T Paper - CTMH

Sheesh, I don't know HOW old this card is.........the stamp has long been since discontinued (think it was called something like Summertime Bear). I still use the grass stamps quite often and while currently I seem to favor the solid cloud stamps, this outline cloud stamp is never far away. Hmmmm, the coloring on the bear isn't dreadful, imagine how much nicer it would have looked if I had had Copics in my possession.......

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Have A Cuppa

CB - Memory Box; polka-dotted CS & stamps & ribbon - A Muse; Inks - Memento & Colorbox; Copics & Spicas; Marvy Punch
YIKES - the card looks like it's leeeeeaning. but I believe that would be due to technical difficulties with the photographer (namely moi). I'll try to keep the text on this post to a slightly reasonable level - I'm hoping I didn't lose any of my 3 devoted blog viewers with that last "short story". Sorry - it just seemed as if I had a LOT to say.
I always thought I thought brown was boring.....but I'm noticing I use TONS of brown in my cards - could it be my perpetual "in search of a mocha" state of being? Naw - I think it's because brown, while being dark isn't nearly as harsh as black can be...brown is earthy and comforting - or dirty and stinky...... it's all in your perspective!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Crab Manor

All stamps - A Muse; Inks - Memento, Colorbox, CTMH; Copics & Spicas; Marvy Punch; Sponge Dauber - CTMH

Ok, I admit it - I'm partial to A Muse Art Stamps.........I can't help it, they're so darned cute, I love the sentiments and they compliment other stamps so well. I am an A Muse Addict (yes, I've joined THAT group too). But I like to think that more than anything, I APPRECIATE stamps - I understand the power that I hold in my hand in what non-stampers see as just a block of wood and some etched rubber (or a block of acrylic and some clear photopolymer). But we stampers....WE know and are awed by the power of the simple rubber stamp and we embrace the challenge of harnessing that massively powerful energy and responsibility. In our hands, we hold the key to happiness - both our own and for others....whew - WOW, things got a little foggy there for a minute and I think I heard a swelling of very intense music in the background - did anyone else get goosebumps??? YIKES, the power of stamps!!
Anyhow, getting back to my original point (yes, I did have one).....I like several stamp companies, to name a few: A Muse Art Stamps, The Cat's Pajamas, CTMH, Hero Arts, Impression Obsession, Memory Box, Papertrey Ink, Savvy, Stampin' Up - I would consider these my favorites and aside from Papertrey (they're relatively new on the scene), most have been around for a while. They have definitely created their own little fan-bases for sure.
Change - how open to it are we? I have to admit, when the first "clear" stamps came down the pike (and I'm not talking about the thin clear stamps that would tear if you looked at them too hard), I was NOT impressed. Yuck - I have to "semi-assemble" them EVERY time I want to stamp? I have to keep track of CLEAR blocks and CLEAR stamps - has anyone seen my mountain of chaos that I laughingly call my desk??? Puuuhleeeease - I am SO sure - this is NOT going to happen - and then it did because CTMH came out with only clear stamps. Dang, what was I to do? Abandon the company that I been intensely involved in for nearly 10 years?? So I did what nearly any stamper woud do - I purchased the new clear-clingy-no-cushion-no-where stamps and had them neatly organized in containers....and never used them. Because they scared me......... A LOT. Ok, ok, NOW it seems silly - being scared of a little stamp (geez, I out-weigh it by.....well, by a lot - you get the point). But it was such a different way to stamp and there was a very definitely different feel to it and now there was at least another step to do before I could get the image onto paper and blah, blah, blah.
Now? Now I LOVE clear stamps, I'm begging all of the companies to go clear.....I snatch up nearly every clear set that the above-mentioned companies offer and I want MORE - MORE I TELL YOU!!
So Kath - what WAS the point anyway? My point is this: while I've showcased mostly A Muse Art Stamps, I love others too and in the stamping world, I know that we're all on the same page (actually cardstock...but let's not get technical), and we can all appreciate what so many different companies have to offer.....that's all - really....
Enjoy the VARIETY - cheers!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Fun with Flowers

Stamps - A Muse, Doodlebug & CTMH; Paper Flowers & smooth gemstones - Hero Arts; Inks - Memento & Versafine; Copics & Spicas; May Arts ribbon; corner round punch

Oooooh, I'm REALLY liking the new SMOOTH gemstones from Hero Arts, and these paper flowers are pretty darned cool too. Today I'm off taking classes at The Paper Garden....with Julie Ebersole!!! I bet I'm having a seriously fun time too. I loved the classes that I took in April with Linda Carnell - A Muse Art Stamps Founder and her mom Vi, so I'm fairly confident classes with Julie will be just as fun and exciting. Classes with Julie at my FAVORITE stamp store, the new A Muse release on Monday....sigh....could it get any better? Oh, I know - I could win the Lotto & get ALL of the stuff!!! Toodles.........

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Thanks - We had a GREAT time!!

Stamps - A Muse, A Stamp In The Hand, Memory Box, Rubber Soul; Cardbase & Ribbon - A Muse; Inks - Memento, Versafine & Colorbox; Copics & Spicas; Corner Rounder

Fairly recently, we went to my brother & sister-in-law's for a visit. There are lots of pine trees on their property and their home is nestled all snug in between these beautiful trees. It was so nice to visit with them and relax. As soon as we returned home, I knew THE perfect card to make as a Thank You.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Another View of Lady Liberty

All stamps, PLP, ribbon - A Muse; Inks - Memento & CTMH; Copics & Spicas; Marvy Tag Punch

The background is much more subtle in this card.......I guess it's all just a personal preference, you know?? Happy 4th of July to you all - have fun & keep safe!!

Lady Liberty

Stamps, PLP, Ribbon - A Muse; Fireworks background stamps - CTMH; Inks - Memento & CTMH; Copics & Spicas; Marvy Tag Punches (Purple & Pink)

3 Cheers for the U.S.A.!! When I was making this card, I couldn't decide which "fireworks" background I liked better so I made some with the A Muse sparkler and some with the CTMH fireworks - I was pretty happy with both looks. I did another card design but forgot to take any photos before I sent them out - I'm a dork!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Star & Stripes...LOTS of Stripes

Ribbon, Stamps & polka dotted CS - A Muse; Inks - Mememto & Colorbox Chalk; Marvy Star Punch; Stickles

Simple and clean..........and the stripes were ok once I got into a groove.

Rock On

Cardbase & Guitar Penguin - Memory Box; PLP & "You Rock" stamp - A Muse; Star brad - Making Memories???; Inks - Memento & Colorbox; Copics; Marvy & Stampin' Up Punches.

I love Memory Box Penguins......thought I had FINALLY collected all of the designs that I had been coveting for ever-so-long but NOOOO, Dave came out with some brand spankin' new designs. The Guitar Penguin is not one of them. But I have added a couple of the new ones to my penguin collection (they have their own container now - they're very happy that they don't have to share with the "other" birds...), I'm hoping to come up with something fun using those new penguins in the very near future (of course that green dragon is also giving me the beady eye too). Anyhow, this card was made specifically for a young man that we's his b-day card.......his b-day was in March. Have I mentioned how very lame I am with making (and sending) b-day cards on time??? Ah well - Rock On Sean - Happy Birthday!!

Twinkle Time

Stamps - A Muse & CTMH; B&T paper & textured CS - CTMH; Inks - Memento & CTMH; Marvy Punches; Stickles
Looking forward to the 4th of July. Every year, we have a BBQ, a small assortment of fireworks and root beer floats for dessert. Generally it's just us and a close family friend (more like a family member really)...this year since we finally have a bigger space, we'll have more family at our gathering - I can hardly wait...I think it's going to be a lot of fun, fun, fun!!