Monday, April 26, 2010

Getting Punchy

This is a little 4-bar card. Just dinking around with stuff since I needed SOOOO many Thank You cards a while back. Did a card for an A Muse challenge last month (a Julie-inspired card) and I used this Martha Stewart border punch, Stickled it and I really liked how it turned out. So no need to re-invent the wheel each time you make a card, right??

The "flowers" (B&T paper from a circle punch & folded) are shown in the Summer CTMH catalog - a cool idea and one that I've seen before but with so many ideas we all see and hear about, how many can we actually remember to USE? Even with my handy-dandy notebook, I have trouble keeping all of the ideas together....sigh......

The leaves are folded B&T paper and punched in various circle punches (experiment with how much B&T paper you slide into the punch for the leaf-sizes you need). I popped out the sentiment with foam tape and then added a strip of B&T paper on the inside edge of the card so that the punched border would be striking (as if the Stickleness doesn't draw a lot of attention of its own.....).

Just an FYI - I've got some divine silk fibers that have been calling to me - I might take a wee bit of a break from stamping to get some stitching done. When (and if) the stitching looks less blob-like, I'll post a photo......until then - Live Long & Stamp!!

Cardstock, stamp, B&T paper - CTMH
Inks - Memento, Colorbox Chalk & PTI
Marvy & Stampin' Up Circle punches
Martha Stewart Border Punch

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Seeing SPOTS

Lots of spots - I like it!! Took the whole "circle theme" and I ran and ran and ran with it. The most fun - the stamps are one of those little stamp sets at Michaels in the dollar bins. Don't you just love getting a great deal?

The card is pretty standard and need to bore you with the details. Hope you can catch some cool stamping deals for yourself!!

Cardbase and mini-brad - CTMH
B&T - ??? some old stuff
Inks - Memento and Colorbox Chalk Inks
Marvy Circle Punch
Liquid Pearls
Black Glaze Pen

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Whew - we made it........I'll give the "Sketches" magazine a bit of a rest (maybe). I've got a whole long list of cards to make, so I need to get get to it!!

For this sketch, the designer called for "fussy cutting".......that made me laugh - out loud in the car on the road trip. Chef Bo-Bo Head glanced over, saw the magazine and kind of rolled his eyes. He just doesn't "get it".....there's so much untapped stamping humor if a stand-up comedian ever realized the wealth of material - WOW!!!

Anyhow - the fussy cutting wasn't too bad - as fussy cutting goes of course. Since I kind of like it, it's not a big deal to do.....especially if you've got a fresh DVD of Firefly on!! I think I'll change out the color of the flower and it'll make a cool Morning Glory (love them)......oh yikes, better put that on my "List of Cards To Make"!!

Stamps, CS & B&T - CTMH
Inks - Memento
Corner Rounder
Brad - Making Memories

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Top Notch" Birthday Wishes!!

The B&T paper is called "Topstitch" but how goofy would it sound to say "Topstitch" Birthday Wishes?? Oh well, maybe not a big deal OR maybe I'm getting too tired.....
Yet another sketch from the "Sketches" magazine......don't worry, I'm nearly half-way through all of those post-it flags!! But hey, I actually did some stamping AND coloring on this card. I was pretty stinkin' thrilled to find Copics that matched the B&T colors......could color my cake and still have everything tie together. I'm a matcher....I just can't seem to help myself, I'm a little fanatical about it actually. I try and toss things up into the air and leave them where they land but then.....then......I always seem to have to re-arrange and line things up - it calms me. The "modern art" look is just not for me, not my style man, gives me the heebie-jeebies.......
Hey, at least there's room for all kinds of card-makers right??
Life is GOOD!!!
Cake Stamp, B&T Papers - CTMH
Small oval stamp - A Muse
Sentiment - Savvy
Inks - Memento, CTMH & Colorbox Chalk
Copics & Spicas
Brads - Making Memories, CTMH, Recollection

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cherry Thanks

Another one from "Sketches" magazine (sorry, I just can't seem to help myself). Ok, ok, I've discovered I'm NOT a lazy's just that I've gotten some of the latest and greatest B&T papers from CTMH (from the Summer catalog - available May 1st!!)....and being like a kid in a candy shop, I'm absolutely dazzled by the new stuff.

Several of the new B&T papers have a distressed vintage-y feel to them and that's perfect for using Kraft CS for your cardbase.......something that I love the look of but something that I don't always remember to use.

Loved this sketch - fast and easy AND it uses circles (my favorite shape)'s a snap to make - try it, you'll like it!!

Cardbase, B&T paper & stamp - CTMH
Inks - Memento & Colorbox Chalk Inks
Marvy Circles & scalloped rectangle punches
Ribbon - A Muse

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rockin' Party Hat

Yes, another card sketch from the "Go To Sketches" magazine I said, I flagged about a dozen pages so you'll be seeing a few more cards from the "Sketches" magazine.

I've decided that I'm becoming a lazy you see ANY stamping on this card? Ok, ok, the sentiment doesn't really count......but wow, the colors and action happening on the hat is pretty grooving. The large silver sequin & brad and those curlies give it a "metal rock" feel don't you think? Ok, maybe a bit of stretch but I'm trying to tie it all together since I'm using CTMH's "You Rock" B&T papers.

Way simple design but really cool - I like it, hope the card-recipient does too!!

B&T paper, cardstock, cardbase and mini-brad - CTMH
Stamp sentiment - Papertrey Ink
Ink - Memento
Sequin - Western Crafts
Silver Curlies - Christmas Around The World

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Been Busy....

And here's what I've been busy WITH...

Yes, I know it's not the greatest photo-link-file-thingy, but considering I don't really know what I'm doing half the time when I'm blogging, let's just grin and bear it!!

The magazine is pretty cool - I had a long stretch of passengering on a road trip so I was able to really take a good long look at it. Brought along my little post-it notes because you just KNOW inspiration will strike at any time and you always want to be prepared. I think I flagged a dozen sketches that really grabbed my attention and I set to work as soon as I returned to my stamp room.

Here's what I came up with using one of those sketches:

The "Splendor" B&T paper from CTMH is perfect for this you can see, I only stamped the sentiment and added a bit of color around the scalloped edging - the B&T paper really did all of the work. Added some Spica sparkles into the flower centers and having the floral brad and a bit o' ribbon gave it some pop - didn't take much time or effort before the card was done.

Stamps, Cardstock, B&T paper and organza ribbon - CTMH
Inks - Memento & Colorbox Chalks
Floral Brad - Making Memories

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Medusa Jelly

Ok, I admit it - I'm a bit of a Jelly Fan. And yes, I know some of them can be deadly or inflict painful stings....but as my relationship with them has been with me on dry land and them contained I can't help the fascination I have with them. Aesthetically, I have never met their match - even the semi-weird ones like this Spotted Medusa Jelly. Jellies have such a flowing elegance and a floating feathering charm - I'm absolutely mesmerized. The Monterey Bay Aquarium has a wonderful Jelly exhibit and I do believe I could spend the entire visit with them and never ever get bored.
Instead of therapy, just let me gaze upon the Jellies.......................

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Hooking

Now how's that for a post title??? But come on, it's meeeeee - Ms. Booooooring........I'm talking about crochet here!!
I've had this yarn for a while (picked it up at Michaels when it was as such a great price, I couldn't pass it up). Very, very soft, pretty pastel colors and I always like to the have a couple of baby blankets handy (while I can't seem to conquer my procrastinating ways, I try to work around them as much as I can - having items "on hand" helps a lot).
Mostly I'm a granny-square fan. Quick and easy and while a pain to put together, even that can be fun once you get into it....... But let's face it, sometimes you just want to do something different.....enter Leisure Arts crochet leaflets. I have one that I've had for years. I take it out every few years, admire the various crochet squares (there's 64 of them in this leaflet), look at the written directions, sigh and then put it back on the bookshelf. I am a complete idiot when it comes to reading instructions/directions.....well, I'm a complete idiot when it comes to reading written CROCHET instructions/directions. But one night, I had had enough!!! I would NOT let a few weird abbreviations and symbols block my path in learning a new pattern - I was made of stronger stuff and I would prevail!!!! After getting fired up, telling my family to go to bed (well, it was nearly bedtime anyway) and making the cats promise to leave me alone (they tend to sit/lie on ANY type of paper IF they think you'll need it...), I grabbed my crochet hook, some oh-so pretty yarn (figured the pastel colors would help to take the edge off the whole "trying to follow written directions" tension that was already mounting) and I......STARTED.
After a few stops and starts and yesssssss, I did have to rip out stitches on more than one occasion and there may have been a bit of "colorful" vocabulary being muttered - but I finished a square and then another one and then another one until I had completed 6 - a good start to a new baby blanket!!

That was a couple of months ago but the taste of Victory was so sweet, I decided I wanted MORE - so I grabbed the handy-dandy Leisure Arts Leaflet (now considered a long-lost friend) and at midnight of a very long and busy day, decided it was time to learn another pattern AND try to figure out "multiples" (which I did out-loud with lots of muttering and sarcasm, apparently I was louder than I thought -- Creepella suggested I go to bed and "give it a rest Mom....."). But NO!! It was imperative that I learn this new pattern (including the multiples part) and that I learn it now!! I was not to be denied in my quest for new patterns and stitches - I was forging a new path of Crochet.....I was unstoppable. Well, I was unstoppable until about 2:00am - Star Trek was over, my hands were freezing and my eyes kept closing.
.......but I knew I had won, I had nearly 3 inches of a NEWLY-learned pattern crocheted - I was victorious!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Circle Thanks

Have I mentioned how many Thank You cards I've needed lately? Well it's been a LOT!! And since I'm sooooo very pathetic about making cards for manly males - in the last week, I've made a concentrated effort to make cards that would be appropriate for both gals AND guys but holy moley is it HARD for me to just feels awkward and a leetle bit icky. I have no problems making cards for Chef Bo-Bo Head, but that's different...I've the known the guy for sooooo long, it seems like I know him better than even he knows himself sometimes!! But other guys??? Not so much - these cards really stretched my creativity A LOT!!

I think this card would work for both males and females - kept reminding myself to keep the floral B&T paper strip as neutral as possible. Kept the colors more earth-toney, there's no trace of ribbon and the mini brad has a matte finish versus shiny. Whew, I'm worn out............

Stamps, B&T paper CS and mini-brad - CTMH
Ink - Memento
Marvy Punch

Monday, April 12, 2010

Much Obliged

Man, it seems that I need a Thank You card every time I turn around....needed one for work (for a male colleague) and do you think I could find one that was remotely manly??? While it's true that most of the Thank You cards that are needed are for female recipients, every once in a while you need one for a guy........sheesh!!!

At first you might think - whoa there Kathy, this card is filled to the rim with flourishes - what in the heck are you thinking? Well, I'm thinking that since these are called "Western Flourishes" and it's a Western feel, then it'll work for a guy - oh, and did you notice the hemp instead of ribbon and the distressed edges on the "Thank You" panel?? Yep, speaks MANLY MALE to me fer sure!!

Cardstock, B&T paper, textured CS and hemp - CTMH
Stamps - CTMH, Papertrey Ink
Ink - Memento

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stitchy Thanks

Card Front

Inside sentiment "doctored up" (inserted "kept")...

As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have a few crafty hobbies......stamping is the main one, but a very close second is counted cross stitch. I've been doing counted cross stitch for nearly 25 years now....and I still love it. It's almost a Zen thing (actually all of my crafty hobbies offer that sort of tranquility for me - AFTER the sheer delight of excitement in getting NEW stamps & papers & inks & fabric & fibers & yarn & assorted pertinent do-dads...), they make me less stressed (besides the fact that I need more TIME to do all of them, of course!!), they feed my creative need, they make wonderfully special (and heart-felt) gifts, they've brought some wonderful people into my life AND they're just plain fun!!
So one stitching shop that I do business with offers a frequent buyers program - you know the drill, you buy "X-amount" and you get "X-amount" in store credit.......I've been saving all of my store credits and FINALLY cashed in - got my "free" stash last week and simply can't stop looking at all of my goodies -- it makes me so happy...................sigh................ Anyhow, I figure a little Thank You card was in order and this "stitching" set was sew (hee, hee, hee - can't be helped) perfect!!
Stamps - CTMH
Inks - Memento
DMC cotton floss accent

Monday, April 5, 2010

Butterflying Thanks

Card Front


Yesssssss, yet another card design from Spitcoast Stampers (although I'm not certain what they call this one). I really like the idea, and once again I know that I would make the little do-dad thingies a bit larger in the next card AND I would make the card a horizontally folded card (so that the stuff on the spiral would POP OUT at you a bit better) versus a vertically folded card. With all that said, I'm still pretty satisfied with how these cards turned out...............these are my Thank You cards for some b-day gifties and I wanted to make some special cards for those that my day....well, SPECIAL!!
Stamps, B&T paper - CTMH
Ink - Memento
Martha Stewart Border Punch, Butterfly & Hydrangea punches
Marvy - Various floral punches
Stardream CS
Glue Dots (mini and regular)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Greetings!!

Now that I've made another stair-step card (shot at so many angles too!!), it dawns on me that we made these cards in a class with Julie (Ebersole) late year.............I never posted it because it wasn't something I designed and there's always the possibility that she would use the card for another class and it's so disappointing when one of your students says....."Oh, I saw that card on so & so's blog....." talk about taking the wind out of your sails....... pppppppffffffftttttttt..............
This was going to be my card to send to my stamping buddies (a few of us exchange cards and oooh and aaaaah over each other's creations - as true stampers will!!). But I used the cute fat sheep instead (I like to make a card that will give them ideas for other cards and while this card will do the same thing, I had to make a choice................the sheep were faster and easier and as is the story of my life - I was a bit pressed for time). I'm hoping that I'll remember to make this card for them NEXT year - I just love's so Springy and fun!!
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter and Spring - it'll get here eventually.....I think!!!
Stamps - CTMH (sentiment) & Michael's $1.00 bin (bunny in pot)
QuicKutz die-cuts (chick, jelly beans, tulip, Easter egg)
Marvy punches (scallop oval, regular oval)
Martha Stewart Border punch
CS - A Muse
Ribbon - Michaels

Saturday, April 3, 2010

3-D Eggs

A couple of versions of some 3-D eggs........I think I might have seen this idea in a stamping magazine? Hmmmmm, I'm not sure. Oh - I think it was a 3-D pumpkin that I saw.....I guess you could do the whole 3-D thing for a lot of shapes. The embossing folders definitely add a feel to the card (elegant or cute). You can't really see it but I used Stardream CS to make the borders to semi-frame the panel. The sheer ribbon (A Muse) is the cherry on top for both cards!!
Cardbase - Memory Box
Various B&T paper
Cuttlebug embossing folders
Stardream CS
Martha Stewart Border punches
A Muse Sheer Ribbon

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ewes Just Fluffy...

Does anyone remember Sandra Boynton illustrations? She did really cute farm animals (with goofy little sing-song rhymes) but what I REALLY loved were her cats. So cute.....big eyes, blobby body and well, I'll say it again, just plain CUTE!! Waaaay back when my husband and I were dating, we exchanged cards for special occasions and just for fun and just because we wuuuuved each other soooo much (are you gagging yet??). When I was thin (yes, for about the first half of my life I had moments of thinness) but thought I was grotesquely obese, he gave me a card with a Boynton cat.....the front said "You're Not Fat".........and inside it said "You're just Fluffy". This card was on top of tin of homemade chocolate chip cookies that he left on my doorstep on his way home from working the night crew. As I tore out the door that morning, I nearly killed myself on the tin and I was saying several choice words until I read the card.....and grinning like an idiot as I started eating the cookies (nope, I didn't share with my roommate - let her get her own baker-boyfriend, thank you very much). I think I may have offered a cookie to my English Professor since I was tardy to class that day..........those cookies were powerful stuff!!
So when I saw this punch art animal..........the whole "Not Fat but Fluffy" came roaring back from whatever vault it's been lurking in and I just started laughing and laughing and laughing (but no cookies this time). Isn't this a clever idea? I love punch-art animals and I oh-so admire those paper crafters who can "SEE" these animals out of these semi-mundane shapes!!! Not sure if you can tell, but I sponged the sheep's body with a light grey chalk ink. I think the swirls embossing folder is perfect for the sheep (the original design had a floral embossing pattern which was cute, but I like the swirls better). I popped out the head, muzzle and ears and finally, I added the flower over her ear because she would just look silly in an Easter Bonnet!!
Cardbase - Memory Box
Marvy and Stampin' Up punches
Martha Steward Border punch
Stamp - Annette Allan Watkins
Inks - Memento
Gemstones & Google Eyes

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Bunny Dreams

As I was taking photos of some of the Easter/Spring cards I've made lately, I've realized that MOST of the cards don't have a whole heck of a lot of STAMPING on's mostly PAPER crafting. But with so much lucious paper to be had.....what's a paper-fiend (I mean...paper-lover) to do?

I used one of those plastic cookie cutters for my Easter Egg template (I pick them up as I see them, they're cheap and they work wonderfully well and while they are a bit more work than any die-cut method, I kinda like the process of cutting paper with's weirdly soothing at times) and then kind of eye-balled the shapes for the carrot and carrot-top greens (used Martha's "fringe scissors to texturize the greens). Jumbo pinking scissors make for a great "cracked" egg look and then finished up with another Martha border punch (grass). The little bunny is the only stamped used (but he's pretty cute with his Stickled tail!!) and I popped him out with some foam tape. And finally, I just used plain ol' hand-writing for the sentiment (although I did write in a sparkly Spica pen.....)

Cardbase - Memory Box
A Muse - Kitchen & mini gingham CS and bunny stamp
Martha Stewart Border Punch & Fringe Scissors
Fiskars Jumbo Pinking Scissors
Stardream CS for carrot "greens"
Scrap CS for grass