Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

Yep, I've been busy.......I mean BUSY...........I'll even go so far as to say I'm a Farmer - just look at my crop.....
One of my favorite blogs is Wild Olive and when I saw the tutorial for these sweet, sweet pins - I just HAD to make a few.  It's kind of funny how crafting takes on a life of its I was cutting the fabric (mostly scraps from Cheryl - thanks Cheryl!!), I had NO idea the personalities of these little pumpkins would be popping out before too long!
Mr. Grumpy is for my favorite chef..............and nope, it's not a pin, it's a magnet (he's not the "sporting a pin" type of guy).

Little Ms. Raspberry goes to Gail - 'cause that's how she rolls..............

The Sweet Smiled pins will be going to Heidi, Dee and moiself.

Creepella immediately requested fangs "with just a couple of droplets of blood".......and the Oh-No pumpkin is just funny & expressive so she'll be hooked up with my sewing mentor, Cher.
Grumpy or not - this just makes me chuckle!!  They were so much fun to make and I can't direct you fast enough over to the Wild Olive blog.  She's so gracious with all that she shares - her tutorials are wonderful and if you're new to sewing/stitching you'll find success in any project she showcases. 
Currently I'm part of her Holiday SAL and I'm working on something that's TOP SECRET - all I can say is I'm delighted with how it's turning out and I have definitely caught the EPP bug!!
I've got a couple of days free from the daily grind so I'm hoping to have a couple more crafty posts before too long!!
Toodles for now...
P.S. thanks to Creepella for her excellent photography........she makes the crafty-ness look great!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Loads of Thanks

An empty little bottle plus......

 A "simple" tag plus....
A few bags of Reeses Pieces....

Equals a cute little Party Favor...

I ended up making 36 bottles (that's how many bottles 3 bags of Reeses Pieces will fill) - and they turned out very well. 
Deceptively simple-looking......the die-cutting took a LONG time.  I need 2 nails per tag and I punched out each nail individually.  I added washi tape to the cardstock and then used the Marvy Tag punch so that the washi tape wouldn't lift from the CS.    When all the stamping was done, I grunged the tags with 3 different colors of pigment ink and the adhered the nails & bolt.  A bit of Bakers Twine to tie the tag to the bottle and Ta-Dah!!  They're done!

Toodles for now...

Stamps, pigment ink & metallic cardstock - CTMH
Other Inks - Memento
Die Cuts - QuicKutz
Washi Tape - ???

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Air Plant Arrangement

I've never worked with air plants.......Tillsandia.......and honestly, I didn't really believe they were plants (although I never gave it much thought as to what they actually were.....??).  

They're kind of odd-looking...............hmmmmm they sort of remind me of something you'd find under the sea (don't you hear Sebastian singing "Under de Sea, under de Sea....."??).

We glued the plants onto the "wood".....although we did NOT put glue on the "root ball".......which was just a few wispy-looking dried up roots. 
And that stuff that looks like drift wood??  It's grape vine..............yes, grape vine!!!  

The wire is just some floral aluminum wire in wild and wacky colors - it's something that can be found at the floral supply store. 
Normally, I wouldn't have used the wire on this arrangement at all.......but the instructor wanted "some color" and he wanted us to "have fun - do something crazy"................ahem.  We worked in pairs so my partner grabbed the blue and gold and we just started twisting. 
If I received this - I would remove that tacky wire before I set the arrangement down..........just sayin'.
Toodles for now...

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blankie for Miss Olivia

So what does it mean when the kids you made baby blankets for are now starting to have kids......that you're now making baby blankets for?  I know, I means that you're getting pretty demmed old, that's what!!!  Now I didn't actually make a baby blanket for Olivia's mom - but I've known her since was about 2 years old...........soooo close enough!!

Used mostly Bernat Baby yarn.......aside from the solid brown -  that's called "Cuddle" and it was a Joann's brand a couple of years ago. I like it a lot because it's a deeper saturation AND it's skinny yarn (my favorite).  

Picot edging is my choice for baby blankets...............mostly because it's simple yet gives a finished look AND it goes pretty speedy fast - and by the time I'm at the edging point - I am done, Done, DONE with that particular blanket................whew..............

I tend to make LARGER baby blankets because.............because..............well, I think because when I'm making the squares, I KNOW they're not big enough to cover a baby.  So I make fairly large granny squares AND then once they're put together I kind of go, "Huh, guess that's big enough for a baby??!!!"....... I'm currently working on another blanket - I'm making EVERY effort to keep it baby-sized.  We'll see how it goes..............

Toodles for now...

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cat Got Your Tongue?

During a recent trip to Dland - I snapped a photo of this.......quite honestly, I ALWAYS snap a photo of the Cheshire Cat at the Alice In Wonderland ride.   I also snap a photo of Creepella & Chef Bo-Bo under Cheshire.  They're good sports - they nearly always look at the camera.....

I think I've always been partial to Cheshire...........he is a cat after all............and look at that tail - isn't pink and purply-pink stripes??  How could you NOT love that??  Ok, ok, so he's slightly mental - who isn't, come on - tell me, who isn't??

And I'm pretty sure he DOES make a lot of people a "pee my pants sort of way"......  Found a new stamp company.....and yes, I was attracted by the snarky sentiments.  I think it's a newer company - I've ordered stamps and a couple of dies and have been pleased with both......check them out - Lil' Inkers!!

Sent this card to a handful of my friends.........the ones that make me laugh in a "pee my pants sort of way" know who you are - and yes, it might be time to look into some Depends..........

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sew Star Wars

Kind of looks like a poster I might have had in my bedroom (or hall locker - Gail, remember our locker in Junior year???) when I was a teenager....

But it's NOT - it's actually a that I made with the fabulous "2-Zip Hipster" pattern from DUMD (Dog Under My Desk.....but DUMD is waaaay easier to type....) and some oh-so cool Star Wars Fabric.  

I'm good with the knowledge that I create things.......I get that it's part of me and that if I can't create something on a regular basis I start to wither away (spiritually.....not physically - not sure what it would take to get me to wither physically....).  Normally I create with paper, stamps and inks...... annnnnd also for many years with yarn and thread and cloth and now fairly recently with licensed fabric and excellently written patterns & instructions.  

Creepella is a helpful and patient model................and this gives you some idea of the size of the it's yet another photo of the bag itself.......

As is this............a little peak at the outside pocket lining (which I thought looked very much like lasers - pew............pew-pew...........  The "Star Wars" area involved a bit of fussy cutting but as usual, I'm a fan of fussiness................of the cutting persuasion.  

I was so enamored by the successful outcome I took no photos of the inside of the bag - which is fully lined and has a couple of pockets, one holds my phone and another holds bits & bobs (a couple of pens, a tube of Burts Bees, a hair claw clip, a tiny bottle of lotion, a couple of flash drives and a pack of gum) - you know the essentials if one needs to leap onto the Falcon because a Death Star is looming. 

I really like this bag because of the awesome fabric.....truly I do - but I love this bag because I made it - I looked 2 zippers, a couple of different types of interfacing and 3/8 & 1/4 inch seams in the eye and I prevailed.  AND I went on to make a couple more (Jack Skellington and Mickey fabric) - they also turned out well enough that I claimed credit. 

I've been busy - I mean majorly busy but it wasn't been with stamping.  Oh sure, I've made a few cards (whenever we've received specific requests) but that's not where I want to spend my time.  I want to spend it surrounded by fabric and zippers and interfacing and I want to make things that are useful and pleasing to the eye (and touch).  Not sure what that means for my card-making days but I know that my oh-so creative-hungry soul is happy with this kind of activity. 

I hope you're all finding a little creative bliss too!!!

Toodles for now...

Edited immediately ('cause that's how I roll.....)

I did indeed snap a photo of the inside.......there are the two pockets (the Star Wars fabric) and the rest is just glorious full-liningness (a new word - I'm sure it'll land into Websters on the next go-round).

Friday, July 3, 2015

Squeal-y Thanks

Really, I am not trying to push Paper Smooches stamps.....I just really, really, REALLY like them - a LOT.  Soooo, I use them.....a LOT.......
I think he's supposed to be a hamster?  Obviously a rodent of some sort - but a cute one and he fit perfectly into the "instant photo" die cut from Taylored Expressions.  I know it's a small image/focal point to carry the card but I think it works.  The embossing folder gets the "theme" of the card across subtly but clearly.  The Squealer is just so stinkin' cute!  And isn't that the best type of gifty to give OR receive??  Something that absolutely makes you squeeeeal???

In this terrible photo I'm hoping you can tell I used Liquid Glass to give a more "instant photo" finish.

Here's hoping you receive a SQUEAL-ABLE gifty soon!!

Kathy & Bob

Card Ingredients
Cardbase - PTI (Kraft - love it.....horrible to photograph but LOVE it for cardbases!!)
Embossing Folder - Cuddlebug
Stamps - Paper Smooches and CTMH (grass)
Die Cut - Taylored Expressions
Ink - Memento
Liquid Glass - CTMH
Foam Tape

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monster Wishes

Well here's where it gets a little tricky about being gone so long from blogging......I don't quite remember exactly what cards I've posted AND since I've been so lacking in the posting department I actually have cards that I made LAST year that have yet to be posted.........sooooo please forgive any repeated postings I may do in the near-ish future. 
Who doesn't love the Paper Smooches monster?  Seriously, I can't get enough of him.  I would use him in every other card but I think someone might get a bit sick & tired of him.  Heidi - remember when we used to do those card swaps at Carol's shop and EVERY time we'd get a card with that huge bunny holding something??  I just don't want anyone to feel like that towards this cute guy so I limit his exposure.
But doesn't this handsome fellow really make an impact???

Being sick is NEVER fun (well, I guess Amy would disagree - as long as Sheldon was ready to run some Vick's Vapor rub on her chest...) and I figured if I were sick, getting this purple-dotted guy (in a spiffy nurse's cap) dragging along some TLC might make me feel better for a nano-second or two.  At least I'd appreciate the thought, right? 

Besides, I think we could all use with a little more TLC & love in our lives...............

Kathy & Bob

Card Ingredients
Cardbase - Memory Box
Border punch - Martha Steward
Stamps - Paper Smooches and Hero Arts ("sending", "Get Well")
Inks - Memento
Copics and Stickles
Sharpie Metallic Pen
Washi Tape - ??? possibly 3M
Foam Tape

Monday, June 29, 2015


Hey there everyone!!  It's been a really looooong time hasn't it?  I seem to read that so much in the blogs I follow - kinda goofy, we're always apologizing for "being away".  That's just life, right?  Let's agree to stop wasting time with apologizing about not blogging - ok, ok, let me just say that I'll stop wasting time with it - starting NOW!!!
Whilst I was away (doing life stuff) guess where I landed?  Yep, in mid-June we could be found at Disneyland (along with about nearly everyone else in the world...).  My eldest niece wanted to celebrate her 40th (FORTY....!!!) b-day at Dland - which is cool AND a big deal since she and her family are coming from Australia!  So of course we had to make the journey to celebrate with all of them. 
It's NEVER my intention to land up in Southern California in the summer months so what's with the last couple of years?  June this year and June last year found me in much for good intentions.....oh well both trips were definitely worth it.  I LOVED spending time with my family and as you can imagine, it doesn't really happen that often - gotta grab those moments when they present themselves!

And now (finally!!) - the card.........made this for the birthday girl.  Kind of had no clue - then POP there it was in my head.  I'm smugly pleased that I remembered I had colored vellum (old stuff from CTMH but as you can see - it still works great).  It was perfect for the background balloons. 

The rest of card is pretty straight-forward.  Die-cuts, punches, B&T paper, Perle cotton for the strings and just an eensy bit of stamping....there you have it. 

During my Sabbatical from Stamping I've been busy craft-wise but a LOT of it has been about The Sewing.  I've rekindled a friendship with a former Stamper (turned Sewist) who has graciously agreed to mentor me in my Quest for Sewing Greatness.  Seriously, it's really wonderful to have someone to talk Sewing with and since she's been doing this longer than a minute she's been instrumental in the success of many of my projects.........and her Wall O' Fabric..............swoooooon........ 
Since I had already decided that Kabobbing Cards was no longer going to be exclusively about cards, I'll be posting some of my other exciting Crafty Adventures - hope you'll stay tuned, I think it will be fun!
Toodles for now,

Kathy & Bob

Card Ingredients:
Cardbase: PTI (Soft Stone - LOVE it!!)
Die-cut: Castle/QuicKutz
Punches: Mickey Heads (large & small)/EK Success
B&T cloud paper:  Paper Doodles
CS & Vellum: CTMH
Inks: Memento
Stamps: #'s - CTMH; words - PTI
DMC: white Perle cotton

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Heart Day!

Done in a different color pallet this could have been sickening sweet.  It's pretty busy.  And there's heaps of hearts.  And there's "love" a double scalloped heart.
Since it was darker I wanted to add a pop of color but I didn't want it to be overly foo-foo (red can be appropriate for a man or a woman, right?).  

So lots of grey works......even if sparkles.

Oh come on, we're talking about love here.......and "forever and for all eternity" too?  Well that just screams Edward to me and you know he just sparkles so beautifully in the sunlight.......
Stamps - Paper Smooches
Embossing Folder - Sizzix
Scallop Heart Punches -Marvy
Cardbase - PTI
Stardream CS
Ink - Memento & CTMH
"love" die cut - QuicKutz
Ribbon - stash scrap
Heart Brad - Making Memories
Foam Tape
Hope you all have a wonderful Heart Day!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Supernatural 16

Ok, as usual there's a bit of a story behind this card.  I was commissioned by a co-worker to make a Supernatural card for her daughter's 16th b-day because welllllll of course her daughter is a big fan of the show and she was celebrating by going to a Supernatural Convention thing.....with her Dad (who's also a big Supernatural fan).
Me???  Well I'm pretty much a scaredy-cat because my oh-so vivid imagination will wreak havoc when left to it's own devices (there's a reason why Mr. B must accompany me whilst I bring in the pegged laundry at 11:00 at night...I just KNOW there's either a vampire or a werewolf that will be waiting for me behind that last pegged sheet......).  Soooooo, I've learned that it's best if I don't watch certain movies or shows or even read certain books (still haven't finished "It" and I started that one in 1988.....).  But I've seen a couple of reruns of Supernatural here and there and it seemed like mostly an action/adventure type of show and it was hilarious when the short one (I know, I know - it's Dean but it's so confusing because the tall one was Dean in Gilmore Girls....) did the whole lip-sync thing to the "Eye of The Tiger" at the end of one episode. 
Sure, I'll make a card - I mean how difficult could it be?  I've got enough supplies that I can create practically ANY themed card.  Ahem......except when I really don't know the characters, plotline, symbols, etc.  Enter Creepella - my go-to Research Person (whom I live with....Gail is my go-to Research Person that I don't live's nice to have a Research Staff....).  So Creepella starts researching and she finds some stuff and that gives me enough material to start planning the card.  And oh what a plan - it even included burning the edges, having things dangling in the middle of the card and having twigs and other bits & bobs and well.........huh, THAT'S not all.
"Mom, just look at what I've found on Pintrest and you'll figure something out.....calm down - you always come up with leave me alone."  I might have been a bit clingy - almost needy at times. 
But finally a cooler head prevailed.............and set Creepella up with another task.  Make me some background paper please - huh?  Use this parchment paper and use different shades of brown for the text and make the text all know different sized fonts and all wonky across the paper - nothing neat and tidy - huh??  I may have raised my voice when I repeated my demands requests.  After a couple of editing sessions I had a sheet of background paper that I could work with AND during the course of her research she found the image of the Winchesters' tattoo (ok whatever, I don't need the whole story - can I please just have the image???) and printed it in dark brown ink on some cream 65lb-weight CS and in about 4 different sizes and then ran off to bed so I would stop pestering her. 
Not much stamping to do really - I have several number sets so I found some that I thought would fit the "mood" and the various printed font sizes and luckily I had 4 different shades of brown that matched the various browns used for all of the "supernaturals".  LOTS of fussy cutting involved with the main image and even more fussy cutting of my beloved foam tape.  At one point Creepella came to see how things were progressing.  I had just finished getting all of the foam tape adhered to the back of the tattoo image - she took one look at it, rolled her eyes and told me I was crazy.  Why thank you very much - I'm absolutely passionate about my paper-crafting!!!  I already had the wings in my stash and got the cross charms on a stamp store run with Heidi.  Who, by the way, is demented and has watched Supernatural since the beginning and was instrumental with the cross selection (it wasn't a large selection but we did the best we could with what was available). 
Twine from my stash, distressing the edges with a distressing tool and grunging it up with some chalk ink just added to the feel.  The card itself is 5 x 5.  Stamped "happy" and "birthday" along with "16" around another printed "SUPERNATURAL" that I was able to use from some of the custom-created background paper and distressed it as well.  I used one of the smaller tattoo images for the envelope (because I ALWAYS try to make the envelope match!!).
There are a lot of photos because I tried to capture all the bits and pieces of the card - because I will NEVER make this card again...................   Ever.



Stamps - CTMH
Inks - Memento and CTMH

Friday, January 16, 2015

Sympathy Leaves

Sympathy sad to have to send but surprisingly, they're pretty easy to design.  It's all about peace, love and trying to offer comfort.  Stamps are from Stampin' Up (sentiment) and PTI (leaf branch), B&T paper and ribbon is also from PTI.  

Memento Inks and Corner Round punch finishes if off.  You can see where I've stamped the leaves a few times (in different shades of green) for some very light texture.   Fast & simple card - hope it also sends comfort...
It's a long weekend for us so I hope to get some stamping and other crafting things done - enjoy yourself!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Paris Tea

This is a small little gift enclosure - only 4X4 and it was pretty much all done with B&T paper and some cardstock.  I don't know the manufacturer of the B&T but I still a bit of it left - just love this stuff.  I ran the CB through the Cuttlebug to get the cool card shape - gives it some character!!  The gemstone is from Hero Arts, the little butterfly is from Michael's......and of course you need some organza ribbon to top it off.

Oh and Stickles...............can't forget about the Stickles!!!