Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Since this is a stamper's blog, you'd think I'd have NOTHING but photos here - and I'll have more, just as soon as I take some......'cause I've been busy making cards, and busy with lots of other things as well. AND the computer is needing some repair work so I'm wrestling with Creepella's laptop and I feel like I have 2 left hands.......but never fear, I'll be back!!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Sea Nettles

My favorite thing at the Monterey Bay Aquarium.....the jellies....I LOVE the jellies - and before anyone gets all sideways on me......YES......I know there are deadly varieties out there - and I think it would be a horribly painful death and I wouldn't wish that on ANYONE. But not ALL jellies are the deadly variety......and I appreciate the beauty and grace and sheer tranquility in their movement. I could spend the day at this display......really, I could - just ask Creepella.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Owl-arming News!!!

Stamps, cardstock, B&T paper, inks, spiral clip - CTMH; Fiskars - scallop scissors.

Can you tell that CTMH has a new catalog out? I'm in total stamping heaven with all of the cool new papers, stamps and 4 new ink colors. I just can't stop...............I'm having such fun!!! Oh, so the post title is pretty sad - but I can't help myself in that either........blame the birds - they're everywhere!!

Probably can't tell in the photo - but the cardbase is actually textured cardstock - it's subtle, but wow - it's got some impact in person. The world of stamping certainly has come a long, long, LONG ways from when I first started..........I can hardly wait to see what's around the corner!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Autumn Leaves

Stamps, cardstock, inks, ribbon - CTMH

I love Autumn almost as much as I love Halloween (convenient that Halloween should land in Autumn - don't you think???). Firstly, I love that it's FINALLY getting colder....and windy and the the leaves are starting to change.......I love the dramatic colors - who wouldn't get inspired with Autumn surrounding them?? The chance to have a nice hot fire (not so much for the heat as for the comfort of a fire - wonder if that's a caveman thing?). Sipping hot chocolate (or tea or apple cider) and snuggling under big fluffy blankets (and big fluffy cats) ......aaaaaahhhhhh........ that's sheer heaven in my opinion!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Heidi's Card

Cardstock, stamps, ribbon - Papertrey Ink; Inks - Mementos; Spicas; Gems - Hero Arts.

FINALLY - here's Heidi's B-day card. Pink & Green....and LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of sparkles.....she's a sparklin' kinda gal, that Heidi!! We had a fun afternoon of lunching, talking stamping and actually relaxing (for a change!!). It's good to have GREAT friends!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Das Internet Was Kaput...

Sorry everyone......here my grand plans of the Halloween Count Down went down in flames......modern technology - HA!!!

Started having Internet problems, thought it was no big deal & that my own personal I.T. guy would take care of it.....which he tried to....until he found out it had to do with the DSL modem/signal box thingy (see why I'm not considered the technical expert???)......so then he spent WAAAAY too much time on the phone with our carrier's tech support - got nowhere aside from EXTREMELY frustrated - and was told a technician would have to come out.....in 4 days.....and then 4 days later, the technician came out - 3 hours EARLIER than he was scheduled.....oh, bummer sir, we'll need to re-schedule.....please wait for another 3 days and we'll send another technician out - the second tech came out 30 minutes earlier than the appointment window but decided to wait an extra 5 minutes before leaving......enter my personal I.T. guy and Creepella......and about an hour later - we discover the original tech support (the initial guy on the phone) SHOULD have been able to fix things over the phone only instead of fixing anything, he put in an order for DSL (hellllo - we already have that....). Today's tech advised us to contact HIS boss and complain - which we will (with great tact) and of course we'll be asking for an adjustment on our statement as well.

But enough about THAT......here are the rest of the CARDS......

Stamps - Stampendous & Inky Antics

Stamps - American Artworks??? & CTMH

Stamps - A Stamp In The Hand , A Muse & Savvy; Quikutz

All Stamps - A Muse

All Stamps - CTMH
Cool little spidey scene........with a twist......

EEEEEK.....here's the SURPRISE!!

And now for my final (and most favorite) card:
Ok, there's a story.......by the way - all stamps by A Muse........back to the story - the artist of the deer, Missy, frequents The Paper Garden quite a bit. After making this card - I bumped into her while Linda (A Muse owner) was teaching a Halloween card class. Explained to Missy how I had used her darling little deer - she howled with laughter and told me to "go for it"......so with the blessings of the stamp artist - I give you this:
Kind of an eeeeerie little haunted forest scene.....spooky trees and a glittery ghost....
And OH NO.....this sweet little deer is lost in the spooky forest - what's a deer to do after he's seen a ghost??? Yes, he's had the poop scared out of him!! Baa haa haaaa....I crack myself up....tacky I know - but lately I've been appreciating the "baser" types of humor!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloweenie................see you next week!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday's Swingin' Card

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - A Muse; Inks - Memento & Versafine; Copics; Spicas; Stardream & CTMH cardstocks; Brad - Making Memories.

Here's a card that's a smidgeon inter-active.......ready, set......GO!!!

First the kids start out from the Costume Shop.....trying to avoid all of those pesky bats....

And then they "walk" to the Sweets Shop........such a fun Halloween night!! Hope they get something good to eat!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Favorite Things

Polka-dot CS, stamps (EXCEPT for web), orange ribbon - A Muse; Web stamp - Hero Arts; Inks - Memento & Colorbox; Marvy Tag Punch; DMC pearle cotton.

I tried to do one of those banner things that Julie Ebersole taught in one of the many classes I took in July at the Paper Garden....And while it seemed crystal clear THEN.....it got kind of fuzzy as the months lapsed. But hey, you get the idea, right??? I love this frog - he's so funny and so tiny!! I really like tiny stamps - why is that? I drive Heidi crazy with my love for tiny stamps (obviously "inchies" were made for me). The stamps she normally uses as an "accent" stamp for the envelope - I use as the centerpiece of a card. I also like travel-sized anythings and samples. I know they're waaaay more expensive than the "economy-sizes" but they just so cute!!!

I tell you if I could get that machine that Willy Wonka has (you know the one that shrinks down Mike, the T.V. kid), I would be in heaven......and Bob would be about 4 ounces.....

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Flying Witch

Cardbase, Stamps, Cardstock, Ribbon, Brad - CTMH; Ink - Memento; Copics; Silver pen.

My personal Chef says I should have made the ribbon broom out of brown ribbon...well, he has a point. However, I have a BOATLOAD of the Olive-colored ribbon AND it looks good with the Autumn colors so I was improvising and working outside of the box......don't try to fence me in man, I'm a free spirit and if I want my witch to have an Olive-colored broom - nobody is gonna stop me......(whoa, obviously I've had much too much of that hot chocolate....)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Spoooooooky Tree

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stardream CS; B&T paper & arched kitty satin ribbon - from Paper Garden; Stamps - A Muse & ??? (cat in curly tree); Memento, Colorbox & Versafine Inks - Copics

Should have glittered (Stickled) the moon - obviously I wasn't thinking straight at 1:30am when I was finishing this card.....but really it's not my fault. Bob is slipping in the Q.A. department.....all he cares about is the ribbon!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Frantic Frankie Post & a Pumpkin Cupcake Too!!

Cardbase - Memory Box; Pumpkin cupcake stamp - Taylored Expressions; sentiment, black polka dot CS & ribbon - A Muse; Memento Ink; Copics; Spicas; Bat Confetti (from Michaels or Wishing Well); B&T paper - ???

2 cards today because ...... well, see my explanation below...... I think these cupcake stamps are so stinkin' cute....I'm just bummed I haven't been able to use ALL of them.....as soon as I do - I'll post the card. You know the old saying - "So many stamps - so little time......"....sigh.....

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - A Muse & ??; Ribbon - A Muse; Memento Ink; Copics; Spicas.

YIKES - I've just organized my photos and I've discovered - I've made too many Halloween cards (again)....so I'm only going to post the ones I really like. My personal Chef has just brought me a big cup of hot chocolate - so I have no excuse NOT to get my posting done.....so let's get on with it - shall we???

I think this card is funny - Frankenstein's Monster instills fear, right? But he's wearing the little black cat - lovely Halloween accessory!! Only a REAL man could carry off that look.

P.S. - I've had a couple of questions/comments as to my posting so late at night. While it's true that generally I am up THAT late (really loved working the grave yard shift...), I've been kind of cheating posting-wise. I've been using that handy-dandy "post option" thingy so that I can get my posts all lined up to automatically post. I'm kind of scattered during the week and since I know how bored I get when I check out some of my regularly-viewed blogs and there are no new posts for DAYS....I'm just trying to keep things interesting for the 3 of you that check in on a semi-regular basis!! Besides, if I don't stay up late, how the heck could I make all these flippin' cards???

Friday, October 17, 2008

Count Pengula

Cardbase & Vampire Penguin - Memory Box; sentiment - A Muse; Cardstock & Brad - CTMH; Marvy Tag Punch; B&T paper - ???; Inks - Memento & Versafine; Copics & Spicas; Ribbon - Michaels.

I've never been wild about vampires or werewolves.......but I do like THIS guy (and the "Twilight" series has both made me a fan AND semi-terrorized me as far as vamps go...). I can see him doing a two-step, his cloak all swishy around him - I think the lady penguins would be lining up for spin on the old dance floor......he's a styling guy that's for sure.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Witch Kitty

Cardbase - Memory Box; Witch Cat - Hero Arts; sentiment & ribbon - A Muse; Inks - Memento & Colorbox; Copics & Spicas; Brad - Making Memories; Corner Rounder; B&T paper - ???; Green speckled paper - from Paper Garden.

This wasn't how I saw the card in my head....but by the time it travelled along, this is how it ended up. I wish I was steadier in coloring. I would love to make black cats sometimes....but you have to leave that white edge for definition and I just muck it all up.......oh well, I like her stripes - makes her look thinner.....don't you think??

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Deckle Delight

Cardbase - Memory Box; B&T paper - ???; Stardream; Stamp - Double D Rubber; Ink - Memento; Copies, Spicas; Brads - CTMH; Fiskars Long Deckle decorative scissors.
While I made this card just 2 weeks ago, the stamp I've had since 1997 - I'm not even certain if they're still in business? I have several of their stamps in this design style. I tell you, once I like something, I REALLY like it. I like this look although generally, I think I tend to stamp in the "cute" style. I've noticed that other styles are starting to grab my notice -could Creepella's tastes in stamps influence me??
And Halloween just lends itself to using my FAVORITE decorative scissors - the deckle edge. I have 3 different pairs of deckle scissors, each unique in it's own way....a girl can't have too many deckle scissors, let me tell you!!
Isn't it cool how the old stuff becomes "new" again?? Decorative scissors were probably one of the first accessory items I invested in when I started stamping.....and even though there are fancy-edged rotary cutters, I've noticed that decorative scissors are making a comeback. Thankfully I've held onto every pair - HEY......FINALLY......something I don't have to go and BUY!!! Pack-rat tendencies can pay off....just gotta wait long enough...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hocus Pocus Flight

Cardstock, "Hocus Pocus" & bat stamps, ink - CTMH; Witch die-cut - Quikutz; Wheel stamp - Color Box (I think); Giant Marvy button punch (I have since tossed it as it became stuck and NEVER let loose of the cardstock...).

Have I mentioned that I like Halloween?? I REALLY like Halloween - I think we should have Halloween Fun every 3rd Saturday of every month. And I'm not talking about candy - I can get candy anytime....I'm talking decorations, the fun spooky feel, masks, black cats & witches and other things that go bump in the night. Part of the celebration should involve watching "Hocus Pocus"....I LOVE that movie!! I nearly wore out the VHS tape.....not too scary VERY funny and it just gets you in the Halloween mood....sigh....

Ok, this is the last "oldie but goodie"...I promise!!! Tomorrow.......NEW stuff!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

The EYES have it...

Swirly B&T paper, stamps (retired), ink, marker - CTMH; "Eyes" B&T paper -???; Google eyes
Ok, I don't know how to count.....I had 2 more "oldies but goodies" cards - this is one of them. I'm a sucker for goofy sayings, puns, pretty much anything silly.....so I loved how this sentiment fit so well with my bug-eyed mummy AND how the "eyes" B&T paper worked out as well. Just makes me exhale a big ol' giant sigh when the planets align and the card comes together......

Friday, October 10, 2008

Ghostly Shopping

Cardbase - Stampin' Up (I think); Candy stamp - Stampin' Up; background "Happy Halloween" stamp (retired) - Hero Arts; Die Cuts - Quikutz (maybe retired?).

Little did I know when I was making all of these stinkin' Halloween cards over the very many years....that one day I would be a contributor to a blog about cards and that having the card "ingrediments" (yessss, I know it's really ingredients.....but ingrediments is much more fun to say, especially if said with an obscure accent....) would be kind of important. Oh well, we're about done with the older cards, so I think I'll be able to remember what the heck I used for the rest of cards that we'll be posting this month. Except for the B&T paper......I really have quite a lot of that (remember - I have the 4 double paper-racks....and I could use another one....) and I just don't want to dig through all of it.........'cause I'm lazy and my foot is asleep and Bob doesn't like to run the risk of getting a paper cut.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

3-Scary (?) Squares

Stamps, cardstock, inks - CTMH.....except for the corner spider web stamp - it was unmounted, purchased at a stamp convention YEARS ago!!

Another oldie but goodie......man, is it just me or is this looking extremely "designed-for-a-child-or-a-VERY-simple-adult"??? And what's up with all the different spider webs?? Is the spider undecided in how to build a web or perhaps suffers from ADD and gets side-tracked as to which design to complete? Ok, ok, I see there are TWO spiders, hence TWO webs, but what about that third web-type? It's just hanging out there like flippin' Pluto, man (ok, that was a cleaned-up version of a line from a movie...one of my favorite action movies.....any guesses???).

Today is Heidi's b-day. I would love to post her b-day card today, but since we're not doing her b-day celebration until next week AND since she's one of the 3 people that humor me by popping in to check the blog, it would be inappropriate to have her see her card here before she actually receives it. And also, I would need to make the card - which Bob and I are thinking about doing really quite soon.....I'm sure we won't be whipping up something at the last minute......that would be tacky!! Speaking of tacky - if I just slap some ribbon, gems, Stickles, a couple of paper flowers and about 17 layers of Stardream onto some cardstock.....I think I'll have the perfect card for her!!! Nothing subtle needed - it's all about the bling!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Halloween Fan

Cardstock, B&T paper, markers - CTMH; Stamps - Panda (DJ Inkers); "Yahoo" (CTMH); Cupcake flag from Wishing Well or Michaels.

Ok - so the minute you read "DJ Inkers", did you just about fall over? I bet some of you don't even recognize that company, huh?? Talk about an old stamp...I think I've had that panda stamp for at least 12 years...still stamps great - but my taste has definitely changed. While I still like cute stuff.....I'm not wild about the SUGARY cute stuff any longer..... I guess my taste runs more to cute stuff with an EDGE!!
And for those who were wondering......Bob is still giving me the stink-eye....bet if he knew my cubicle number at work, he'd be sending me that Howler.......

Well-dressed Spidey

Stamps: Spider wheel & hat - Stampin' Up; "Trick or Treat!" - Stampendous (I think); spider die cut (retired) - Quikutz; Ink - Memories.

Bob says it will lessen his wrath if I do another post "pronto", so I am.......and this will mean we're back on schedule for our Halloween Card count-down.

I have a few of these roller/wheel stamps. I like them a lot because they let me create my own background in whatever color I want. They're fun and fast and I think they're a pretty good deal for the money. I really wish CTMH would come out with an acrylic line of them........since I have so many CTMH stamp sets. At least Stampin' Up still carries them and in each catalog there's always a few new designs that I add to my collection. If you've never tried a roller/wheel stamp you're missing out on something fantastically fun!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Probation

Cardstock, ink & markers - CTMH; Stamp - Stampin' Up; B&T paper - ???
Bob has put me on probation - he's completely disgusted with me...says if he could, he'd send me a Howler at work so that I would be thoroughly embarrassed. I'm quaking in my boots (ok, in my slippers).....you don't want the Bobbers angry!!
Remember how I said I'd be sharing some of my older cards?? Well this week - that's all I'm showing. All of these cards are at least.....oh gosh, I'd have to say between 3 and 6 years old!! I get so excited about making Halloween cards that I tend to go just a smidgeon overboard and then when the NEXT Halloween rolls around, I sort of forget about all the extra cards from the previous Halloween and before you know it - I have a boat-load of cards.......... But I have fun making all of these cards, and eventually I'll find the perfect fit for these extra cards.
And finally....here's another stinker of a string-cheese package riddle:
What is a ghost's favorite cereal???.........................Scream Of Wheat!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Jack Framed

Carstocks, ink & markers - CTMH; Stamp - Hero Arts; Stickles; B&T - ???; Curling Ribbon

This is not my usual design......I like things pretty neat and symmetrical. This is none of those things - and it makes me a little bit twitchy. I try to go out of my "comfort zone" on occasion.....just to test the waters. But you'll never see me going TOO far out - I just can't - it's beyond me and the realm as nature intended.

I can so identify with Adrian Monk....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Boo To You!

Cardstock, stamp & Inks - CTMH; Die Cut - Quikutz; B&T - ???; Ribbon - Michaels

Something simple, sweet and not-so-scary....those die cuts really make things pretty fun and fast. I forget about them for long stretches of time....but when I get busy with them I go into over-drive and make bunches of them. When Creepella was young, she'd dig around in the die cut stash and pull out bits and pieces and make master pieces for her dad and me. I still have lots of those master pieces (some are faded and wrinkled - but they're still treasures to me). I think it's about time for me to go and dust off the ol' Squeeze handle and see what I can create.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloweenie Count-down!!

Cardstocks, markers, inks - CTMH; Stamps - CTMH & Memory Box; B&T paper -???; Deckle scissors; Stickles; Bat "confetti"

Ok - are you ready? I've got enough cards to do a Halloween Card Count Down (weekdays only). Since I do most of my posting during the weekdays, it works out pretty well. Some of these cards were done years ago (no joke - wait until you see some of the stamps I've used....). I LOVE Halloween and while we never had as many customers as cards ready to sell - that little fact never stopped me from making a batch o' new cards every year. I have more Halloween stamps than Christmas stamps (although with all the cool "winter" stamp designs that have hit the scene in the last few years, my Winter collection is quickly catching up with my precious Halloween treasures).

And finally - I'm going to leave you with a stinker of a riddle (these riddles are found on the packages of string cheese that Creepella requested): Why didn't the skeleton go the the Party???? (because he had no BODY to go with.....see, I told you it was a stinker!!)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Pretty In Pink

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps & Gem stones - Hero Arts; Inks - CTMH & Mementos; Ribbon - May Arts; Stardream; Spicas.

I know, I know - it's VERY pink (almost put Creepella into convulsions - and this is the same girl who as a young child couldn't get ENOUGH pink to satisfy her girly-girl cravings...). But it's still very simple, and not too overwhelming in the sparkle department. Besides, pink is pretty darn cheerful....even if does give you the hives!!

Caw - CAW..................

Cardbase: Memory Box; Stamps, ribbon & Pretty Little Papers - A Muse; Inks - Versafine; Copics; Stickles
Ok, I don't really know how to spell what a crow says....but you get the idea. LOVE this big ol' crow and love the sentiment too - I'm thinking the Crow will be great for an "I'm sorry" card too....you know, eating CROW and all that??? Bah-ha-haaaaa!!
Awww well it's late enough for me that I'm starting to act dorkier then normal so I think I'll close with this...................
Lots of fun cards for the month OCTOBER..........frightful and delightful and a few might be just a smidgeon SPOOOOOOOOKY!! Bob and I can hardly wait...........toodles for now!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Michelle's Card

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - A Muse; Inks - Memento & Colorbox; Copics; Spicas; Ribbon - A Muse & May Arts

Another b-day card for one of the A Muse Addict's "Fab 4"....the 4 moderators of the A Muse Addicts that is...Michelle took a trip to France this summer, her favorite stamp is the Vespa Girl and so that's a pretty solid start to a card. Since A Muse doesn't carry a darker blue ribbon, I oh-so carefully used my Copics to color on the very edge of a cabana blue ribbon......of course NOW A Muse has a lovely white sheer ribbon - but I had to make-do with what I had - I kinda like the polka dots though, they're fun!

Lions & Tigers & Bears -- OH MY!!

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - A Muse; Versafine Inks; Copics, Marvy Punches; Stickles; Ribbon - ??

Love these little stamps - perfect with so many circus, jungle & animal themes....Boy Oh Boy!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

So Long Summer!

B&T Paper, Cardstock, Stamp - CTMH; Copics; Marvy & EK Success Punches; Ribbon - May Arts

Whew, Summer is officially over.......and it's supposed to start warming up this week (figures!!). That's ok - I can't blame Summer for kicking and screaming on it's way out....but man, oh man will I be DEEEELIGHTED when it's truly Autumn. I think Autumn is about the most perfect time in the year. The cooler weather, the leaves changing colors the crisp scent in the air and yes, even the shortening days...great for hunkering down with a warm blankie, a good book and a nice hot cup of tea.....aaaah - heaven on earth.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Omar's Card

Cardbase & sentiment - Memory Box; Card Panel & Tree limb - A Muse; Owl - Hero Arts; Cloud - Rubber Soul; Inks - Memento & Colorbox; Copics, Spicas; Google eyes.

This card was for our summer "student" employee...he left to start college and boy do we miss him - especially me. He did a ton of work for me specifically, he's a nice, polite and funny guy - I think he'll go VERY far.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Shiver Me Timbers......It be ITLAPD!!

Cardbase - A Muse; Pirate Cupcake - Taylored Expressions, "Cupcake Pirate" - Just Johanna; Solid Blue CS - CTMH; Ink - Memento; Copics; Cherry Gem - Doodlebug; Cupcake Banner - Misc.

Cheers to my 3 favorite Pirate-Lovin' Wenches......they be (in no particular order): Gail, Lia and Creepella. Since today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, I felt the occasion called for a very special card - so this be the chosen design. Since it would take me months to come up with the proper pirate lingo - let's just say it's a fun day to squinch up yer face, peel back yer lips and coming deep from yer belly, greet everyone with a hearty "AAAAAaaaaRRRRrrrrGGGgggg"..........Yo Ho Ho me hearties, YO HO!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

True Treasure

Card Front

Inside Card
Cardbase - CTMH; Stamps - CTMH, Just Johanna, A Muse (and I'm not sure of the treasure chest and I'm too lazy to check right now); Inks - CTMH & Versafine; Copics, Spicas; Stickles; Sakura (I think) White Glaze Pen
Thought of my pirate-loving friend Gail when I was making this card. Yes, she's all about pirates and I knew she'd just howl when she saw the little pirate bird (how could you not - a peg-leg & an eye patch???).
Gail and I have been friends for over 26 YEARS.....impressive that she hasn't made me walk the plank. Although I do get a bit concerned when she waves her pistols, straps on her swords, bares her teeth, babbles about plundering, grouses about getting her crew into working order and growls "Aaaarrrrggggggghhhhh" when we go to the mall. And I'm not real wild about being called a scurvy dog....ah well, she's just a quirky gal.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sorry for the Interruption!

Greetings one and all (and when I say "all" I do mean the 5 of you that actually look at our blog on a semi-regular basis.....even though most of you DON'T comment {except for Betty - she's a champion commentator} - and you know, you don't need to comment on the cards per se - tell us how your day is going, complain about your spouse or co-worker or cat, you know - give us some dialogue.....we already know what our cards look like....we'd like to hear something from YOU!!).

I want to apologize up front for turning on that verification thingy when posting a comment....but we had a weird comment (that I deleted) and just to stay on the safe side, I thought it prudent to take this next precaution against further weirdness on our poor little blog. Naturally, I conferred with Bob and he's in total agreement, so there you go.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to visit our blog - we hope it gives you some inspiration............or at least makes you smile (we're all about the smiles here at KaBobbing Cards).

Toodles for now...

Setting Sights for the Horizon

Stamps - Stampin' Up & CTMH; Inks, markers & cardstock - CTMH; Stickles

What every pirate needs when she's done with pillaging, plundering, making excuses for The Captain, composing inter-office memos, hoisting sails, swabbing the decks and navigating through shark-infested waters (aka - the office)........

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cheers To You Matey

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - A Muse, Obsession Impression (I think) & a rogue sentiment from a stamp convention YEARS ago; Inks - Versafine & CTMH; Copics; Liquid Glass; Gemstones

Invitation for Cocktails sent from the Captain himself.......

Monday, September 15, 2008


Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - A Stamp In The Hand; Memento Inks; Twinkling H2O's; Stickles

Aaaaaahhhh - success.......Ok, so my first attempt looked like someone had taken ALL the colors of the rainbow and flung them willy-nilly across the sky....but my second attempt was this...pretty much exactly what I "saw" in my head. This is a b-day card for my cousin's eldest daughter (my 2nd cousin??) - who is VERY much into the "Twilight" series (she had a Twilight-themed b-day party....very cool), so naturally, I HAD to make a card that was Twilight-y. Happy Birthday Kayla!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Good Luck

Lame, lame, lame (and lazy) - Can't remember what stamp companies made the stamps, Ink - Versafine, Copics; Stardream CS; Origami Paper

I don't know how many of these Good Luck/Good Fortune cats I have - I had some of my own and then I inherited my mom's. They're pretty cute and while they all look very similar, they're all unique in their own way. You'd think though by now - I should have won the Lottery or something...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Never Too Many Shoes

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps....Savvy, Hero Arts, A Muse and others; Inks - Colorbox; Stardream CS; Ribbon & other CS - unknown

This one was for a 13-year old with a passion for shoes. This year, she's a 14-year old with a passion for "Twilight". So hmmm, I've been conferring with my daughter ("Twilight" fan and subject matter expert) and I THINK I might have an idea for a card...we'll see how it goes - the party is TODAY...yep, yep, yep, I love to work under pressure!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Remember when...

Cardbase - Memory Box; Stamps - A Mus & Rubber Soul; Inks - Versafine & Colorbox; Copics; Marvy Punch

...the moms would get together over coffee and someone would bring a coffee cake and you would try your hardest to be invisible so that you could listen in on their gossip? But man, once you were caught, ALL of the moms would turn on you (like mean chickens) and shoo you out of the room (usually flinging you a piece of coffee cake to soften the blow).

As a kid, I didn't really understand what they were doing (although I must say, the gossip was quite interesting...). As an adult, I now GET IT. They were bonding - they were giving and getting comfort to and from their sisters (because it was most definitely a sisterhood). Armed with soothing hot coffee, a little something sweet and affirmation over the injustices that they had each endured (from spouses, parents, in-laws, bosses, the kids). THEY were their own therapy.

That's what this card reminds me of - members of the sisterhood getting together over coffee and cake sharing secrets, insecurities, frustrations and down-right anger and getting some strong emotional healing from their sisters. We all need more bonding/healing (maybe less gossip, but definitely more bonding).

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Cardbase, stamps, ribbon - A Muse; other cardstock - unknown; ink - Versafine & Memento; Copics, Spicas, Stickles

Today is a day for remembrance...and for sadness and maybe even for hope. While I personally didn't lose anyone on September 11th, I (like so many others) was rocked to the core with the attack of the Twin Towers. My heart goes out to those who did lose loved ones, and to those that continue to cope with that grief and loss. I hope each year, you feel the waves of sympathy and gestures of kindness from all of us that remember that devastating day and as time passes - your hearts can heal a little bit more...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Scary 16...

Cardbase, ribbon, Birthday Builders stamp set - A Muse; Alphabet set - CTMH; Marvy Punches; Versafine Ink

Meant to get this posted last week, but I forgot. The card idea came from Heather (an A Muse designer) and if I really knew what I was doing, I would link you over to her card (which is VERY cute). Her banner says "party" - her card is bright and cheerful. My card is a bit demented, but you have to remember I made it for my daughter, Creepella....enough said. I made her a card every day for her birthday week - she said THIS was her favorite one (hey, as long as the recipient enjoys the card, whatever it takes....)