Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Heart on a String


That's what I heard from Creepella when she saw the one that I DID make for Karla. Dejection and just a tinge of green had me punching MORE and LARGER hearts to make this one.

It's not that it's difficult to make, it's just time-consuming. I tell you I nearly poked my eye out while making the crochet mini-heart (found it and the pattern on the Attic24 blog - lovely stuff!!). Granted I was using cotton thread (the stuff you make doilies and table cloths with....) and a #10 hook (really can't see the hook part) - so basically I was crocheting by FEEL. Even under two Ott lites I really couldn't SEE what the heck I was doing.

Bottom line, Creepella was happy, Karla was happy and I was able to continue on with my V-day cards.

NO stamps!!

B&T Paper - CTMH

Marvy Heart Punch

Ink - Colorbox Chalk Ink

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