Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bag Crazy

Guess what I've been busy with....again?  Yep, it's another purse from Dog Under My Desk ok, so it's NOT exactly the same bag - I sort of Dr. Frankensteined it a bit......I crossed the Zip & Go Bag with the boxed corner pockets of the Essential Wristlet and created this hybrid bag.

 A closer look at the strap (yep, made from "scratch".....), the slide hardware and the TWO zip-zippers!!  TWO zippers................I swoon with the thought that I did that!!
And the lining for the front pocket and main body - LINING, completely FINISHED seams - COMPLETELY lined and finished!!

And I had different lining for the front pocket and for the main body - just 'cause I could........oh, I just noticed I have a black pony-tail holder hiding in there...........I swear - I have them in practically EVERY pocket of every bag and pair of pants I own. 
I've cut the pieces for the standard Zip & Go bag, I think it'll go much smoother than my hybrid - I'm just hanging around waiting for matching zippers and hardware...........I can hardly wait to get started!!!
Thanks for popping in!

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