Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Best Medicine

Cardbase & Dr. Penguin - Memory Box; Medical bag & "laughter is the best medicine" & oval shadow - A Muse; various "ha, ha's" & ink - CTMH; Memento Inks; Copics & Spicas; B&T paper - "Slab" from Michaels
Why is it that laughter seems to be a cure-all for almost anything that ails you? I mean even the manic-desperate type of laughter is good for you. Sometimes we get to laughing so hard dignity is tossed out amid the snorting, honking, gasping, wheezing, tears, and of course, the painful clenching of rarely-used abdominal muscles. I guess a good release is just, well.....plain good. Love those Memory Box penguins for their sly humor - oh sure they LOOK all innocent, but underneath those layers of blubber there's a stand-up comedian just waiting for the spot-light!
Bring on another dose of laugher Doc Penguin - I think we ALL could use it!

1 comment:

Betty Townsend said...

I always know I am going to get a good chuckle out of reading your posts. You never disappoint!! Cute card too!!