Thursday, April 23, 2009


Cardstocks, inks & markers - CTMH; Stamp - All Night Media; Stickles

Ok, here's another example where I've made B&T paper by stamping and stamping and stamping. I think I had to stamp that image about a gazillion times (per card!! and it didn't stop sireeeeee - I also stamped the envelope with the Cootie Trio). Anyhow, I liked how it turned out and apparently so did several customers as this was one design that not only SOLD OUT, but I've received requests for MORE cards to be made. Maybe it's just that people like to say COOTIES!!!

My most humble apologies - this is SUCH a lame photo - sooooo washed out AND shadowy. Hey, I'm card-maker, not a photographer!!

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Betty Townsend said...

Oh, Kathy my photos are so bad too. Check out the ones I posted tonight. Love the card!! You come up with the cutest ideas!! Oh Stephanie and Kelly said to tell you hi!!