Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sew Star Wars

Kind of looks like a poster I might have had in my bedroom (or hall locker - Gail, remember our locker in Junior year???) when I was a teenager....

But it's NOT - it's actually a that I made with the fabulous "2-Zip Hipster" pattern from DUMD (Dog Under My Desk.....but DUMD is waaaay easier to type....) and some oh-so cool Star Wars Fabric.  

I'm good with the knowledge that I create things.......I get that it's part of me and that if I can't create something on a regular basis I start to wither away (spiritually.....not physically - not sure what it would take to get me to wither physically....).  Normally I create with paper, stamps and inks...... annnnnd also for many years with yarn and thread and cloth and now fairly recently with licensed fabric and excellently written patterns & instructions.  

Creepella is a helpful and patient model................and this gives you some idea of the size of the it's yet another photo of the bag itself.......

As is this............a little peak at the outside pocket lining (which I thought looked very much like lasers - pew............pew-pew...........  The "Star Wars" area involved a bit of fussy cutting but as usual, I'm a fan of fussiness................of the cutting persuasion.  

I was so enamored by the successful outcome I took no photos of the inside of the bag - which is fully lined and has a couple of pockets, one holds my phone and another holds bits & bobs (a couple of pens, a tube of Burts Bees, a hair claw clip, a tiny bottle of lotion, a couple of flash drives and a pack of gum) - you know the essentials if one needs to leap onto the Falcon because a Death Star is looming. 

I really like this bag because of the awesome fabric.....truly I do - but I love this bag because I made it - I looked 2 zippers, a couple of different types of interfacing and 3/8 & 1/4 inch seams in the eye and I prevailed.  AND I went on to make a couple more (Jack Skellington and Mickey fabric) - they also turned out well enough that I claimed credit. 

I've been busy - I mean majorly busy but it wasn't been with stamping.  Oh sure, I've made a few cards (whenever we've received specific requests) but that's not where I want to spend my time.  I want to spend it surrounded by fabric and zippers and interfacing and I want to make things that are useful and pleasing to the eye (and touch).  Not sure what that means for my card-making days but I know that my oh-so creative-hungry soul is happy with this kind of activity. 

I hope you're all finding a little creative bliss too!!!

Toodles for now...

Edited immediately ('cause that's how I roll.....)

I did indeed snap a photo of the inside.......there are the two pockets (the Star Wars fabric) and the rest is just glorious full-liningness (a new word - I'm sure it'll land into Websters on the next go-round).


Heidi Robles said...

I love, love my Mickey bag. You are truly talented.

Heidi Robles said...

I love, love my Mickey bag. You are truly talented.