Thursday, October 1, 2009

Flowers, Flowers, EVERY WHERE...

This is/these are my current captors.....yes, I'm being held hostage by tissue paper flowers. Technically, I'm being held hostage by tissue paper and pipe cleaners that are just waiting to be folded into flowers. Creepella has already made mention that it seems as if the predominant color is orange.....and I ask you - what's wrong with that?? Making them isn't difficult, actually it's kind of relaxing (almost Zen-like), but good grief making them really does eat up the time (especially since I only have a couple of "crafting" hours after my day job). But I offered to help and help I will. I have a feeling that when I'm done fluffing that last flower I'll have had enough tissue paper contact to last a very long while.
Since I'm committed (or at least SHOULD be...) to making gobs of these, my stamping has to take a back-seat for a few days. Friday is lunch-with-Gail-and-discuss-HP/Hallows-with-chips-and-salllllllsa-for-a-few-hours, so probably no stamping until the weekend.
Hope YOU get some quality stamping time reallllly soon!!
BTW - I have NO idea how to get my paragraphs back. When I'm in my "preview" mode, the text looks nice and tidy, my paragraphs are looking good but when it posts - ICK, everything is all squished - it's stifling my written creativity (which I'll admit, could be a GOOD thing), but dang it, if I want to babble on MY blog, I want to do it in paragraph form....can anyone give me a clue....pretty please???
Happy October 1st - let Autumn begin (please, please, please......)

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