Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fresh & New

Isn't the NEW year exciting?  All fresh and new?  Whether you partake in New Year's Resolutions or not, new beginnings (while sometimes terrifying) are pretty ding-dang exciting!  We've (Chef Bo-Bo Head, Creepella and moiself) all have new stuff happening - we're all pretty excited and just a wee bit nervous - but that definitely gets your heart pumping, right? 

While I don't do resolutions myself (why set myself up for failure?) - I do have ideas and goals that are I like to see accomplished within a set time-frame.  In 2012 (aside from getting blasted sideways by the dreaded Statsway class...) I was pretty pleased with the strides I made towards set goals.  There's always room for improvement but let's not get completely bogged down in that.....let's learn from it and move on and on and on. 

I've been a crafty gal since Finals (and I made an 88% on my Final AND earned a B in the class/torture event and am EVER-SO-GLAD the new semester is just around the corner AND I'll be taking a fun AND traditional-style class AND I'll have the best Study-Buddy ever......Creepella!).  I even managed to take a few photos of said crafty items that are fairly blog-worthy...surprise.....actual BLOGGING material!

Creepella has been on a Gilmore Girls marathon since Christmas, I've been fighting her for the remote (trying to catch up on the Burn Notice episodes that we've DVR'd....since LAST season - yikes!!!) and of course we're doing our traditional New Year's Eve/New Year's Day Hordy-Derves and LotR marathon.   In the last week we've seen "The Hobbit" twice and "Breaking Dawn 2" on the big screen for the last time so we're keeping busy with our entertainment outings. 

With that said, hoping 2013 brings everyone loads of healthy happiness -  Cheers!!

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