Thursday, January 3, 2013

Neck-slinging or Wringing

Well, I guess I wouldn't be actually SLINGING or WRINGING any one's neck, just warming it up a bit!  Here's some of the craftiness that I've been busy with between Finals and Christmas.....oh, and I actually did TWO of the apple green scarves (one for Creepella and one for Heidi).  Used that chunky Homespun yarn and a K-sized hook (feels kind of like Kindergarten crochet).  

I edged the scarves with a weird 4-chain scallop stitch.  I like it and so did Gail - I made her the first scarf (very Autumn-y colored and of course I completely forgot to snap a photo) for her b-day in November.  She's a fellow-crocheter and she liked the edging so I took that as a good sign and RAN with it........

I'm happy that I've warmed up at least 7 necks (make that 8 including Gail's) they'll just need to watch out for those pesky vampires...............!!!

1 comment:

Heidi Robles said...

I loved my scarf, the green one. It keeps me nice an toasty, just the way I like it.