Thursday, October 10, 2013

Pumpkin Head

So Creepella has been browsing around and she found a hat, a little pumpkin beanie - made for an infant....and she comes up with this brilliant idea, "Mom, can you make this for me?  Then I can be a "ruddy big pumpkin head" for Halloween!!".  Ruddy big pumpkin head as in Harry Potter 4 - when Ron is sooooo peeved about Victor Krum.....we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that line in the movie.  And well, Creepella DOES have a rather large noggin.......

So here's the first-go.  It worked and now I just need to fiddle around with increasing the size to actually FIT her ruddy big pumpkin head!!  Start to finish (including re-working the curly vines about 3 times and the stem portion once), it took about 3 hours to complete.  It was fun, fun, fun and now the wheels are spinning for all sorts of fruit beanies!

To everyone - Happy Hooking!!

Toodles for now...

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