Sunday, July 13, 2014

Celebrating the CTMH Way

About 97% of the items for this card are CTMH products. 

The ribbon, the brads, the flower punch and the Stickles aren't from CTMH.

But everything else is from CTMH.  Speaking of which, today I'm celebrating my 19th year as a CTMH Consultant. 

Nineteen years......when I started, I thought, "Oh, I'll do this for about a year....I just need a year to get everything I want (at a discount) from the catalog and then I'll be finished."  HA - what a laugh.......and here I am 19 years later - looking forward to next year's Convention!!  I'm delighted that it will be held close enough that I can attend, I think it will be a fitting celebration of 20 fun-filled years of CTMH stamping!!

The new catalog will be released on August 1st, and I've already been a busy bee making stuff for future postings.  I was so excited that CTMH decided to go back to an annual catalog/idea book (versus the bi-annual Spring/Summer & Autumn/Winter catalogs we've had for the last several years).  You might think oh it'll get boring after a few months (well how that can be I don't know....) but CTMH has that all worked out.  "Seasonal Expressions" will be released twice within the 12-month catalog life.  There will be cool new items in each release that will be sooooo exciting and fun (I can hardly wait!). 

The worse part of the new catalog has been having to DECIDE what the heck to get first!!  I know I have an entire year to get everything on my list but I kinda sorta want it all NOW.  Chef B just rolls his eyes when I start in with my whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.  Patience Grasshopper!!

Attending Convention after a multi-year absence has really gotten me extra excited about CTMH again.  I think I get so used to the products (because I'm pretty much surrounded by them) that I forget how truly remarkable they are - Convention is a 3-day immersion of CTMH and my love, appreciation and delight has been renewed. 

I've got some miscellaneous stamping goodness lined up for the rest of July but then WATCH out for August - it'll be packed with CTMH stuff!


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