Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sewing Endeavors

Guess what I've been busy with?  SEWING.....haven't sewn anything for over a decade (when I made Creepella some sort of Pink Princess costume).  But I've been engrossed with the pattern-making endeavors of Erin and I finally decided it was time (to purchase a pattern or two) and then closed my eyes and took a leap......while I didn't exactly defy gravity I DID put together this cool wristlet.  Yes, I moaned and groaned (and worked up a sweat and cursed quite a lot) whilst in the midst of "creating" this lovely but let me tell you I am beside myself with delight on the finished product.  

Erin's patterns are hugely daunting....because she's very, very detailed in her direction and photos.  But since I claim to like "Fill-In-The-Blank For Dummies" books I should have embraced her patterns from the get-go.  I did eventually built a healthy enthusiasm - it just took me a minute. 
Did I mention linings and fusible interfacing and sew-in interfacing and zippers (as in ZIPPERS) and hardware (which was actually kind of fun) and page upon pages of instructions? 
But isn't it cool?  I'm so enthralled that I made this with my own two hands, a sorta-working 25+ year Kenmore sewing machine and material that I've been collecting for eons (because it's so pretty, and the colors and patterns are delightful - it's like FOLDABLE B&Tpaper!!).
Anyhow, I'm a happy crafty-gal and I've already purchased the latest purse pattern (Date Night) and material and zippers and hardware so I just need a chunk of time to get busy!! 
I've managed to squeeze in a couple of cards too so I hope you'll return to take a peek. 

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Heidi Robles said...

Nice to know I hav e such a talented friend. Stamp, knit, crochet and sew...what can't you do?