Monday, December 29, 2014

Yum - Yum!

An old card (like maybe 5 years old or more??)  - originally there was no gem flourish but it definitely needed something so a sparkly corner always works, right? 
I still have the cupcake stamps (Hero Arts) but I haven't used them in of the side effects of the seemingly never-ending quest for the latest stamp set.  Something that is both thrilling and completely wasteful.  I aim to change my spending habits in 2015 - it'll be challenging but it's like losing weight - a slow & steady stays the course sort of thing.  It's taken me nearly 3 years to drop 50 pounds......I'd like to shed another 20-30 pounds and had HOPED to have it off by now but alas, that hasn't happened..............yet....................
But back to stamping - yes, it's still thrilling to get a new set of stamps and paper, well paper is it's own slice of heaven for me but I'm toning down the absolute driving need of getting EVERY new set because I NEED to......need is a funny word, you know?

And back to the card.....

Here you can see the Liquid Glass application on the frosting area.  No idea why I decided to color the frosting a light grey - I think I was just trying to add some shadowing for depth.  Ahem......a lesson here - Copics aren't always your friend!!

By my absence from the blog you could surmise that I've been hugely busy and that would be correct but a lot of the absence is due to the fact that I'm not very timely in the taking of photos and I get kind of lazy at the end of the day/evening and then I mostly veg or stamp or craft and blogging is just "poofed" out of my mind. 

So long story short, I do plan on blogging more in least until I can post all of the cards that were made for the last craft fair (which went very well) - and just like exercising, it's something I need to make time for on a regular basis. 

Toodles for now!

CB - Memory Box
Stamps - Hero Arts
Memento Inks
Ribbon - May Art Ribbon
Gemstone Flourish - CTMH
Corner Rounder

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