Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I Got Mail!

Stamps, ink, cardstock and B&T paper - CTMH
Ribbon & Twinkle Stickers - A Muse
Distressing Ink - PTI
Fiskars Scallop Scissors
Tonight when I got home, I had a lovely box from CTMH just waiting for me to rip open......placed an order late in December - HAD to to meet my 4th quarter minimums. CTMH sales have NOT been booming over the last couple of years....and that includes my personal orders. There are quite a few items that I've done without because we've been cinching our (money) belts as tight as possible (I've become quite adept at shallow breathing.....). But since I've been with CTMH for over 15 years now, I can't let it just slip away AND I truly love the products. The best acrylic stamps ever and decorative paper that absolutely sends me into a swoon.
As I was saying, I had to place a small order and I saw this beautiful B&T paper (Veranda's Creative Basics) and thought the stamp set (One Of A Kind) was too cool so my order was fast and easy.
I'm always amazed at some of the blogs I look at often - I haven't listed them for the most part (basically because I'm lazy), but believe me when I say it's a mighty LONG list. Anyhow, it blows me away how so many stampers can post a new card nearly EVERY day - how do they do it?? Where do they find the time?? Heck, I'm lucky if I can stay awake for dinner. Granted I generally work long hours (about 11 hours a day and Saturday mornings are not always for sleeping in) but man do I feel inadequate most of the time...................UNTIL I remember that lots of stamping bloggers make a card - a single card. When I make a card - I make at least 4 identical cards so even if the card is pretty simple in design and you do the whole assembly-line process it just takes some time.
While I did indeed make 4 cards tonight (one is even addressed, postage applied and ready to be mailed), they were fast and easy and it felt good to be able to whip them out at nearly warp speed. Now all I need to do is finish coloring the 8 other cards that have been collecting dust (and cat fur) on my desk for over a week..........YIKES!!!


Heidi Robles said...

Very cute. Love the paper and of course, you know I love the's a flower of course. Keep up the great work.

JulieHRR said...

.........THUD!!! Girlfriend, this is GAAAAAAW-JUS!!! I know what you mean--I'm amazed at the volume some stampers produce, but, then I guess if we didn't have a full-time day jobs, we could pump 'em out like that, too. ;^)