Monday, May 3, 2010

Mom's Day Card #2

Not a typical Mom's Day card perhaps but I like it......AND it's very similar to card Creepella made for me last year (aaaahhhhh, how sweet!!). The sentiment is in Japanese but inside the card (sorry, forgot to take a shot of it), the English translation is stamped ("forever in my heart") along with "Happy Mother's Day".
The oh-so cool origami papers & tape are from Japan, brought to me from my mom on one of her many trips to Japan. The tape is probably 10 years old because I had NO idea what it was or what the heck to do with it (remember all of the description/instructions are in Japanese). Of course now I'll only be using it sparingly since I most likely won't be getting any additional rolls.
With Mother's Day coming up I'm grateful for being a mom (especially when I have a wonderful kid), but it's another reminder that my mom is now gone (at least in the earthly sense).....miss her a lot.
Stamps - CTMH
Ink - Memento
Washi B&T paper
Origami Paper & Tape - brought from Japan by my Mama-san

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