Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2 Baaaaaad Girls

Don't be fooled by them sitting in a "Berry Good" box.................it's a lie - a falsehood.
We'd tried to tell them they don't quite fit in the boxes - they're cats, they don't listen.

Bad Girl #1 - Iris............she's mean, she's grumpy, her normal personality? Annoyed. She's quite often the B-word.....sure she might LOOK cute but looks are deceiving...... Right now she's helping Creepella mit Deutsch..............as you can see she finds it a wee bit borrrrrrring.

Bad Girl #2 - Lily.....she's generally sweeter than her evil sister Iris but she refuses to use any of the three scratching posts/devices we've offered and thinks EVERYTHING in the house is her scratching post. Creepella says she's got the perfect head to kiss. I keep suggesting that after she's dearly departed, we mount her head (like the House Elves in the Black Household) - then she can kiss it all she wants.

No matter what - we love them both (I could squeeze them so hard, I'd make their eyes pop!).


Heidi Robles said...

There not bad, there misunderstood. Also I see they have their winter coast on.

Heidi Robles said...

Ok I also can't type. Coat I was trying to say winter coat but winter Coast is kind of funny. I'm blaming it on this new key board we have.