Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bob's Cousin?

I just looked at these lemurs and laughed......the one in front looks like a black & white Bob....well, he's at least POSING like Bob (Bob would probably have a bit of tail-envy).
It was a good day at the zoo - sunny and not too crowded. Most of the animals were out sunning themselves so it was a great opportunity for photos. Creepella and Chef Bo-Bo Head were good sports and did some posing for me as well (of course I was using the "It's My Birffffday" card all over the place...).
A lovely day - slept in, opened gifties, had yumm-O cheeseburgers, fries, & onion rings - the 3 of us split one burger, one order of fries, one shake and two orders of onion rings...hung out at the zoo for a couple of hours (although we didn't have any snicky-snacks there - we're not complete pigs!!). We popped over to a little market that I've been wanting to browse, found some treasures there and then awayed ourselves to the movies (saw Paul Blart - Mall Cop...and since I'm into teenage boy humor, I found the movie very enjoyable and am seriously thinking of adding it to my personal DVD library)....there we did indulge in copious amounts of popcorn (Creepella and I had BUTTERED popcorn too) and cola icees.......came home and after a couple of hours we ate some sushi and then a few hours after that, I finished up some left-over cheesecake (thanks again for the coupon Heidi - we spent enough to get TWO slices of free cheesecake!!) I said, quite a lovely day!!

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