Saturday, July 6, 2013

Re-use, Re-purpose & Make Do

I've got YEARS of Mary Englebreit "page-a-day" calendars.  Once in a great while (when I have my crappy-ola together) I make The Perfect Card from one of the pages.  Basically this page fit the bill because the cat is wearing a name tag indicating his name is Bob and he's a party.  I doctored it up a bit by adding a gift (which hides his tail because our Bob is sans tail) and replacing the party hat with a PARTY Hat and finally......I used some colored pencils to tone down the WHITE kitty into a darker kitty (remember, our Bob is Midnight-ish). 

Creepella loved the card and I loved being able to actually "recycle/re-purpose" something half-way decent. 

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