Friday, September 18, 2009

Another Shelf

From the top to bottom photo would be going from left to right on another shelf that's just to the left of my desk. Now while I would much rather have the shelves on my right hand side (as I am right-handed), I'm still pretty thrilled that I can have this indispensable set of shelves within arm's reach. I have 5 shelves (but I think I have enough space for 6), they're as shallow as we could find - 8 inches deep - and 4 feet long (I had to leave room for one of my stamp cabinets that will be attached to the wall). With those cool little mini metal shelves from Ikea, I'm able to pack a LOT of tools into this space and The Best Thing: everything is accessible!! Aside from the MS punches being stored in front of each other (I rotate them as the stamping season demands), pretty much everything else is right out there, ready to use.
While I can do a bang up job of organizing and making things fit, I found that when I packed things too closely together, it was a chore trying to GET to the things to use - so I'm keeping things close but I allow for a "working margin" of space. It's been a great help.
Yes, I know that I have a lot of ink pads (remember, I've been a CTMH consultant for nearly 15 years!!) and believe it or not, I've used all but two of them in my stamping history. Each set of inks has it's own specialty. During the construction of my stamp room, I started to weed through my stamping "stuff" and I actually trimmed down what I needed to keep. The inks on these shelves are my absolute "go-to" inks of choice (in the last tin on this shelf are my stacks of cats eyes chalk inks - hidden gems!!). I remember the first time I time I saw a Kaleidacolor ink pad.........they blew me away. I started my "collection" of Kaleidacolor over 12 years ago - I still love them!!
Side Note: Creepella recorded "300" (yes, she's a little warrior), and I've been watching bits and pieces of it for the last hour or so..............yuck............I don't like "war" movies, no matter what the age, no matter what the history. While I LOVE Peter Jackson's "Lord of the Rings", I still cringe during the battle at Helmsdeep......again, yuck. It's not that I'm squeamish - on the contrary, a lot of medical "stuff" is completely fascinating to me - it's just battly stuff is just gruesome and sad (yes, even when it's happening in Middle Earth), and there's already enough sadness around, I don't need to watch it on purpose.

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