Thursday, September 3, 2009

Below The Bottom Shelf

Ok, I'm really NOT a spokeswoman for Ikea.....I just happen to have a few organizing items that they carry. This towel rack was actually going to be used as a towel rack but it was too long for the space and then we lost the receipt and then lost the rack itself in The Pit that's the garage......once we found it, Chef Bo-Bo Head put it up under the bottom shelf so that it was in easy reach and quite a few of the punches fit just perfectly!! Again, I put the punches that I use very frequently on the "rack of honor".....hee, hee, hee!!! Can you see the 2 Fiskars paper cutters lurking underneath? Although I have a nice heavy-duty paper cutter on my desk, I usually have "stuff" on top of it. I grab one of the Fiskars cutters - they're quick & easy (and readily available).

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