Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Copics

A couple of people have asked about my stamp room. Unfortunately, it, in its entirety is nowhere near ready for an unveiling. I do have bits & pieces that I can share....so every once in a while, I'll pop in a few quick photos of my most favorite room in our home!!!
My Copics are housed in cutlery containers, yes, like you see at restaurants. I got mine at Ikea (VERY good price)....all three styles of Copics fit quite nicely (I like to see the tops of the pens). I've done a little pyramid display to show how I've sorted them by color....the first photo shows how they sit on my desk normally (yes, literally within arms reach). The Copics lying flat are the ones I used for Dee's card....I liked it well enough to make a few more to sell. I'm slowly investing in Copic Refills, currently they're in my oh-so cool orange bucket (from A Muse), and yes, it too sits on my desk along with my big paper cutter, 2 lamps, my acrylic blocks, a stack of scrap paper, 2 pencil/pen holders, a small bucket (it holds my glue sticks, Liquid Glass, stamp cleaner, 2 bottles of tacky glue, a water spritzer, a mini flash-light a few other things that have fallen below my line of sight), 5 small punches (that I use a LOT), a few of my "signature" stamps for the backs of my cards, a couple of photos of my family, a snap-ware container that holds some stamps. My desk is a battle tank. It's pretty large, EXTREMELY heavy, is nearly all metal (so it rattles and shakes when I'm getting into drawers). But it was a steal...............I purchased it at a local utility "garage sale" about 10 years ago - it's the best $25.00 I've ever spent!!!


Marian said...

a woman after my own heart. and i thought i had a lot of copics, i'm a slacker! oh love your last few cards. that cat is to cute, very french ooolala!

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

Oh, I am drooling at the sight of all those Copics! I have to wait until after I get my tuition reimbursement to start my Copics collection.... ;-)

Laura said...

WOW! Love all your copic stash!