Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 Stinkers...AKA Lily and Iris

No, it's not just one large 2-headed cat......there's actually two of them's nap-time so they're actually getting along (i.e. NOT trying to eat each other....). Iris is using Lily as a pillow - what every good sister needs.... Chef Bo-Bo Head will tell me, one of them is doing this or that, ok - which one?? "The Brown One"..............sigh................

Aaaaaah, Lily has finally opened her peepers - obviously she needs to change the channel (oh how she and Chef Bo-Bo Head fight over control of the clicker!!) - it can't be the cooking channel ALL of the time.....Iris is too tired to pay attention to the t.v. - it takes a lot out of you to move from the bed to the couch for your early-morning to mid-morning nap.
Well here are two out of the three of our feline members of the family. They are rotten - really rotten.....spoiled, catered-to, fretted over cats....CATS......I will literally shimmy from under the covers, doing contortions just so I won't wake one of them up. I will sing at the top of my lungs, have water running and do anything else that I can think of to camouflage that I'm opening a can of tuna (for human consumption)............and every weeknight as I'm changing from work clothes to lounge clothes, I'm asking them how their day was - what they did, what they saw, how many naps they took, if their dry kibble was yummy etc.
It's a sickness......and I've passed it on to my daughter....

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