Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Darling Duo

Stamps - Hero Arts
Ornament Punch - Stampin' Up
Icicle border punch - Martha Stewart
Inks - Memento & Colorbox
Glittered B&T CS - Michael's Glittered Pad of CS (not mine, someone shared)
Silver Cording - Michaels
Spiral Tinsel - Christmas Around the World (this stuff is nearly 20 years old....)

I contemplated and hemmed and hawed about getting the ornament punch from S.U. and finally decided that I didn't really need I didn't get it - and then, then one of my stamping buddies had the audacity to bring it along to a stamp get-together and offer to "share" it.....of course after I had it in my clutches and used it I realized that now, now I NEED it....sigh......oh, and I could use that stack of glitterfied CS too.......double-sigh........

Don't you think the spiral tinsel (really, that's how it was listed in the catalog) is pretty cool? I've used it as the air hose/tube thing on an astronaut card too......I'm VERY careful of how I use it, how much I use and if the recipient is Spiral Tinsel-worthy (ok, so only slightly better than Elaine's sponge-worthy criteria.....) but with a resource that is considered finite, one must be very cautious - frugal even!!

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