Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Flowers, Flowers, Everywhere.....

Greetings to the 6 followers of Kabobbing Cards.  Been away for a good long while - but I've been stamping.....a stamping fool.  Haven't taken many photos because it feels like I have to jump through about 17 hoops to set up my "studio" (aka my desk...) and I'm a lazy gal and when I'm not busy being lazy I'm t i r e d as in I don't get enough sleep because I'm busy stamping or stitching so I don't get the proper amount of sleep and then I start off in a pretty groggy state and then I spend 9 hours in front of dual monitors doing absolutely mind-numbing work and then I stumble off to class a couple of times a week to get a Major Math (a 4-letter word) headache and then finally get home to start the whole process again!

But the cool thing is whilst doing all of these little crafty things.......I do make stuff like the mini-flowers above.....AND I actually DO something with said flowers (aside from just plain admiring them in the cool little tin I received during this year's b-day week).  Alas I have no photos of the card that I made......but I will - and very soon too!!

Thanks for stopping by............catch you in a couple of days!!

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