Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh So Busy!

YIKES............on top of starting a summer school class, I'm busy with this!!  Parts and pieces all over the place.  The Big B came in when I was cranking the cardbases through the Cuddlebug.  He watched me do a couple (because come, let's face it - it really IS rather fascinating)......he asked me how many I had done at that point (about 9) AND how many more did I have left (about 18) - he walked away shaking his head and muttering something (I didn't listen closely as I believe it was a reference to my sanity). 

When I have this many cards to do - it's ALWAYS assembly-line style.  So after I've got the card design, I pull together all of the components (and ahem, sometimes THAT'S a bit of a challenge....I'm good at knowing WHAT I have - I just have a bit of a problem knowing exactly WHERE everything is....).  Next, I cut the cardbases, score them (and yes, I ALWAYS make a couple of "spares") and if dry embossing is involved, I haul out the Cuddlebug and start cranking away.  Next, I cut some of precioussssssssss B&T and CS (trying NOT to shed any tears as they will warp the paper....).  If any punched or die-cut items are needed that's next and then I start in with the stamping (including envelopes) which is followed by coloring (if any - for these cards, NO coloring is needed).  At that point, I'm putting pieces and parts together (tonight I'm focusing on star assembly [there are 2 of them] and applying foam-mountaining tape)....and THEN I'm actually ready to start putting the card together.  Once the stars assembly/foam-mounting tape application is finished, I'm hoping the layering of the banners (two of them as well) and the already-assembled stars will only take another evening......that will leave me a couple of evenings to sign the cards, put them into their envelopes (yes, those are already stamped, addressed and have had postage applied) and get them into the mail so that they can be received in time for the 4th......whew, I'm kind of pooped!!! 

If my master plan goes well, I'll post the completed cards next week - until then wish me LUCK!!

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