Thursday, October 9, 2008

3-Scary (?) Squares

Stamps, cardstock, inks - CTMH.....except for the corner spider web stamp - it was unmounted, purchased at a stamp convention YEARS ago!!

Another oldie but, is it just me or is this looking extremely "designed-for-a-child-or-a-VERY-simple-adult"??? And what's up with all the different spider webs?? Is the spider undecided in how to build a web or perhaps suffers from ADD and gets side-tracked as to which design to complete? Ok, ok, I see there are TWO spiders, hence TWO webs, but what about that third web-type? It's just hanging out there like flippin' Pluto, man (ok, that was a cleaned-up version of a line from a of my favorite action movies.....any guesses???).

Today is Heidi's b-day. I would love to post her b-day card today, but since we're not doing her b-day celebration until next week AND since she's one of the 3 people that humor me by popping in to check the blog, it would be inappropriate to have her see her card here before she actually receives it. And also, I would need to make the card - which Bob and I are thinking about doing really quite soon.....I'm sure we won't be whipping up something at the last minute......that would be tacky!! Speaking of tacky - if I just slap some ribbon, gems, Stickles, a couple of paper flowers and about 17 layers of Stardream onto some cardstock.....I think I'll have the perfect card for her!!! Nothing subtle needed - it's all about the bling!!

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kelley said...

Hey Kat, Tell Heidi happy birthday from the PB. Make sure she doesn't forget to come in and get her gift from PB. Frank and I are celebrating our 16th today. Miss you...