Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Halloweenie Count-down!!

Cardstocks, markers, inks - CTMH; Stamps - CTMH & Memory Box; B&T paper -???; Deckle scissors; Stickles; Bat "confetti"

Ok - are you ready? I've got enough cards to do a Halloween Card Count Down (weekdays only). Since I do most of my posting during the weekdays, it works out pretty well. Some of these cards were done years ago (no joke - wait until you see some of the stamps I've used....). I LOVE Halloween and while we never had as many customers as cards ready to sell - that little fact never stopped me from making a batch o' new cards every year. I have more Halloween stamps than Christmas stamps (although with all the cool "winter" stamp designs that have hit the scene in the last few years, my Winter collection is quickly catching up with my precious Halloween treasures).

And finally - I'm going to leave you with a stinker of a riddle (these riddles are found on the packages of string cheese that Creepella requested): Why didn't the skeleton go the the Party???? (because he had no BODY to go with.....see, I told you it was a stinker!!)

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