Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Stitching Treasures

Look at this!!!

Come on - take a closer look......aaaaah, the beautiful colors and ooooooh, the wonderful sheen of the silk................simply heavenly...........

Creepella has deemed this her FAVORITE color (of course - slime green.....)
I got a killer deal on these fibers........less than half price!! For 12-strand silk fiber - whoa Nellie!! You couldn't select the colors (which normally I wouldn't agree to - I'm too controlling and heck, it's MY money), the shop owner selected them for you (but she promised not to send duplicates) - I was very nervous AND excited and when the package arrived, I ripped into it and ooooohed and aaaaaaahed all over the place.
Working with silk is such a special treat (it's pretty pricey) - generally I work with 6-strand cotton floss (whenever it's on sale at Michaels, I stock up!). I was so excited in getting these new silk fibers, I've already started on a little something for Creepella. It's a small design and since there are no color changes it's moving along at quite a nice clip. Once I figure out how I'll finish it - pillow, framed, inset in a tray, etc. - AND finish it - I'll show you how it turns out.
OK - I'm off to stitch.........!!

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