Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Feeling Floral

Confession time...........I purchased this stamp set for just ONE stamp - it's that little curly viney stamp.  I'm happy to say now that I have the set I see the potential in some of the other stamps as well.  I know, I know - sometimes I'm frightfully shallow.  But come now, I know that some of YOU have found yourselves in the same's ok, I won't judge.
Anyhow, I like the pop of color in the middle of all of the black & white.  I went with a Kraft card base because there are hints of some mocha color speckled around on the B&T paper.  I've been seeing a huge trend in that bold aqua color lately - I like it.
I tried to make this an all CTMH card but alas, the markers just weren't working for me.  At this point, I'm done with trying.  I've invested a boatload of $$$ in my Copics and I'm immensely satisfied with them and while I try to be as loyal as possible to CTMH products, I just don't see the point in compromising when I don't have to......Copics are a quality (and pricey) product but they deliver.  CTMH has a long way to go in the product improvement of their alcohol-based markers.....hope they're working on it.
All stamps, B&T, CS, ink gem stone & glitter glue - CTMH; Copic markers.

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