Saturday, March 8, 2014

Abel's Gift

Abel always stops by for a visit during the craft fairs.  The last one was no exception.  While visiting he started fiddling with Heidi's scarf (the apple green one here).  Apparently Heidi REALLY likes her scarf - she wears it all of the time (which is good for my crochet-ego).  When she mentioned that I made it for her he was a bit shocked (which was NOT good for my crochet-ego) but then he started thinking and then asked if I could make one in "49er colors".  Welllllllll I can make one in ANY color depending upon the yarn I use.  He just GRINNED at me and wiggled his eyebrows - let me tell you, that's a look you don't soon forget!

Apparently Heidi caught his drift also because after he was on his merry way she asked if I would make him a scarf for his b-day if she purchased the yarn. I told her NOOOO, I could not - as I had already decided to make him a scarf as a gift and I didn't need her stinkin' money.  She took no offense, she knows me and it's our special way of communicating!!

This biggest complication?  What stitch to use?  I tried about 5 different stitches and combination of stitches and ended up with one of my favorites - the "V-Stitch".  I did switch things up a bit though - instead of crocheting from one end all the way up to the finished end, I stitched the length first and then stitched "in the round" (technically in the rectangle but you get the idea...").  I like how it turned out - of course I used my go-to scarf yarn of Home Spun and these two colors are well, red and gold.  Creepella thinks Gryffindor instead of 49ners but then again so do I (go Muggles!!). 

As long as Abel likes it, that's all that matters.  Happy, happy birthday Abel!!


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